Monday, July 21, 2014

Manu’s Adventures

Chapter One

Things were at its peak for Manu, he had a safe place to call home, lots of lady friends, food was in abundance and the grass was green. Manu paused to take a deep breath of fresh air and did the best interpretation of a smile his beak could do… Life was great. 

He hopped down from his perch in the “coop” -as the humans called it- and strutted off in search of food. After a few minutes, Manu spied the garden and quickened his pace to reach it faster. He hopped the last few paces and began to scratch the earth in search of grubs and worms. He kept at it for a minute or two and then clucked victoriously as he discovered a fat juicy grub and a worm. 

“Should I share or keep it for myself?” He thought, “I’ll share…  Maybe if I'm lucky, Maisy will be here before the others!” He sighed dreamily. Manu had been trying to win the young hen’s heart ever since she arrived to Buholga but she had often refused him. “Well... Might as well keep trying.”  He reasoned and then began to cluck loudly, “I found food! I found food!” He called “Come on everyone!” he heard the hens running over to him and turned, his heart slowly sank as he realised Maisy was not with them and quickly had to jump out of the way as the stampede came too close.

 He watched as the hens fought over the yummy grub and decided to back away to find something else to munch on. “Or maybe I should look for Maisy… It’s not like her to miss a chance for some food.”

He frowned slightly and puffed up his chest a little “I should go look for her… What if she is in danger?”  Manu still wouldn't acknowledge the fact that he was, indeed, slightly shorter than Maisy and therefore not really in a good position to go “saving” her. He strutted off in the direction of Duck pen to see if she had decided to visit with Amelia Limpy Duck as they seem to have had formed a bond. He reached Duck pen safely enough a flapped his wings to gain the attention of Albert Drake there. 

“Hullo Manu,” Albert waddled over to the wire mesh that separated himself and Manu “Is there anything I can help you with?” He asked curiously as Manu rarely ever visited him let alone talk to him. “Roosters and their air of importance...”  The drake thought to himself, “Stupid chickens…”

“Hello there Albert, I was just wondering if you have seen Maisy anywhere at all.” Manu asked “I found some food and she didn't come.” He added.

Albert did his best impression of an eye-roll “Oh, yes... So I heard.” He replied. It was hard not to hear Manu announcing that he had found food. “Maybe she just wasn't hungry?” Albert added simply. He turned quickly as he heard a rather loud splash and almost had a heart attack when he saw the little fluffy yellow ducklings in the human-made pond. He sighed in relief as he saw Abigail was there watching over them.

Manu looked a little crestfallen as he hadn't thought of that. “Oh... Do you think I should keep looking for her?” He asked.

 Albert looked back down at him and nodded “Oh yes, do keep looking for her.” He replied “I think I last saw her rushing over to get under the big human coop (House). “I would have liked to see if she was alright but I couldn't find an exit.” Albert added.  

“Then I’ll do just that.” Manu replied and then added; ‘Thank you for your assistance Albert.”  Manu then turned and strutted off towards the Human’s coop.



  1. And now you just need some photos of the tiny little manu. (which chook is Maisy? is she small and light orange-brown?)

    1. Yep!

      Maisy is indeed the slightly-taller-than-Manu orangeish-brownish hen :D