Thursday, July 27, 2017

#WIPjoy :: Guardian Angel

-Insert excellent, calm blogpost intro- in which deep questions and life observations are made.-


This #WIPjoy blogpost, thing, I think started over at Katie Grace's blog (A Writer's Faith)... before then having been around on twitter... It's basically a whole bunch prompts and questions encouraging writers to talk about their WIPs. (But you may have already guessed that 'cos your smart.)

Anyway! My lovely friend Jane also did a blog post for #WIPjoy, and basically I thought it looked like a really fun thing to do, so here we are :D

I highly recommend reading both of their posts *nodnod*. ('Cos they explain it muchly better, and their WIPs are AWESOME. GO DO IT.)

(I shall also put all the questions at the end of the post ^-^)

Describe yourself and your WIP.

Well, I'm a ninja of randomness for starters. Jumping through all the virtual windows and disappearing in clouds of confetti is pretty much my speciality, and my main weapon of choice will always be a sword. I also have quite the habit of drifting off into Lala Land (no, not the movie 'Lala Land', I mean the magical fairy place 'Lala Land') and happily just chillin' there until something -or someone- demands my attention. I also have a 'slight' addiction to Pinterest. 

My WIP... Uhm, well... I am absolutely terrible at describing my stories so uh, yeah-- just bear with me, okay? xP 

Basically it's about a girl who -after a terrible disaster (oh noes)- gains the ability to see how and when people die before it actually happens. And then due to running around and trying to help as many people as she can, she unintentionally starts annoying a group of assassins who are just trying to do their job. Annnnnnnnd they really don't like her for it. 

*cringes* Okay, let's move on... ;P

Your MC's aesthetic in 7 phrases.

:: The soft glow of city lights ::

:: Raindrops against the window ::

:: Random acts of kindness :: 

:: Constantly brushing her hair out of her eyes :: 

:: Coffee-induced insomnia :: 

:: Silhouettes ::

WOULD YOU RATHER: Get trapped in your story for a week, or have your antagonist enter your own life for a day?

Assuming the phrase 'enter your own life' means having the antagonist wandering around where you just can't ignore them, and also considering my antagonist is the leader of mah scary assassin group... I think I'd prefer being stuck in my own story for a week.

Probably wouldn't be too terrible and on the plus side- I'd get to have some interesting conversations with Brinley. That would be nice.

Describe your MC's personality with a GIF.

JUST ONE?! Oh dear...

Probably this one:

The minute she thinks she's sorted out one problem, BOOM. There's another one :D

What's something you're still figuring out about this WIP?


Well okay, more specifically, I'm still trying to figure out the best way for me to write it... First Person past tense, or third person past tense?

...I don't know?? (They both have too many pros and cons, agh.)

Choose an ideal reading spot, food, drink and music to go with your book.

Hmm, okie dokie.

So an Ideal Reading Spot would probably be in your room, under the blankets with a bunch of fairy lights draped above you from the roof or something. A blanket fort with pillows would also work quite well (don't forget the fairy lights though *nodnod*).

Food.. Probably homemade banana fritters. (Yum.)

Drink.. A mocha latte... also yum. (Or hot chocolate, if you prefer.)

Music..  "Nightsky" by Tracey Chattaway.


"Angel By The Wings" by Sia.

Sorry, I tried to just choose one but my brain said no... They're both super cool and remind me of 'G.A' far too much ^-^

Share a thought that keeps you going as a writer.

'If I don't write it... Who will?' 

^ And that's pretty much it ;P (Well... I have many other thoughts relating to this prompt, but this one is what it basically boils down to each time ^-^)

WOULD YOU RATHER: Never publish this WIP, or watch it be adapted it into a horrible movie?

*screams because this is an excellent question as well as a horribly mean one*

I'd never publish it. Buuuuuuut on the other hand-- *tries to think up a good compromise/loop hole and fails* Egh, actually, no. I'd still never want to see it turned into a horrible adaption...



YA KNOW WHAT- Stuff it... If I spent all my time and energy creating this story and trying to make it great, I think I would very much want to publish it. (Or attempt to anyway. *coughs*). If the movie adaption ends up being terrible in relation to the book, I'd just ignore it... Give it the silent treatment or something ;P


Okay, so here are all the questions!


(Note: If ye don't want to do a full-on blogpost, then feel free to answer in the comments ;P)



  1. That gif though. XD

    AND YEET YOU DID THE POST. *screams excitedly and bounces up and down* This was great. *nods* That music is very nice. <33

    1. I know right? xD

      AND YES I DID :D But seriously, how could I /not/? xD and yay, thankie! (/^-^)/*~*~*

  2. *Gasps in horror* This means I'm going to have to do the first hashtag ever in my life, aren't I? *Sighs and gets pen and starts writing and doodling on the page*

    1. XD Only if you want to do it!

    2. I already started... I'ma just go an' do it anyway

    3. Heh, well okay then ;) I look forward to reading it when you're done! ^-^

  3. This was cool! I loved the aesthetics. :-)
    Maybe I'll go and post this tag... ;-)

    1. Yay, thank-you! AND YES PLEASE DO :D That would be muchly awesome if ye did *nodnod*

  4. My mother has to drag me out of 'lala land' ALL THE TIME. I totally understand!! XD
    This is so cool! I've now done a post of it *nods* and it was a lot of fun. ^-^