Thursday, July 31, 2014

Manu’s Adventures. (Chapter One, Part 2)

Chapter One - Part 2

Maisy poked her head above the canoe’s wall and frowned. She had asked Abigail earlier if she knew of any bug filled spots and naturally, Abigail had voted The Dam as the number one hotspot for bugs.. Maisy, of course, ran full on to The Dam to see all the bugs for herself (and eat them).

If only Abigail had mentioned that the bugs were water bugs... Maisy thought to herself with a touch of annoyance. She watched the little water bugs darting here and there in the water for a few more seconds and then frowned at them one last time before jumping out of the canoe to head back to the land of Backyard.
She carefully climbed down the steep hill and paused, seeing the entrance to the Backyard was blocked. She went around to the not-so-secret opening that went under the Human coop and through to Backyard.  Half way through, Maisy heard Manu’s (“Food!”) call and groaned. 

She appreciated that Manu was looking out for her and all that but she was quite capable of looking after herself, being a good deal taller and faster. She was way faster than Manu who just seemed to ‘shuffle’ around. A small twinkle of satisfaction appeared in her eyes as she remembered how she had once mentioned that innocent little fact to Manu and how he had gotten into a silly little fit of denial. She looked around expecting Manu to pop up at any minute and start lecturing her about safety and list every single predator that wouldn't mind a chicken for a snack and sighed in relief as he didn't appear.
She sat down, deciding that there was no point in going further (just in case she ran into Manu).

It would be so nice…  She thought to herself If Manu would be so kind to mind his own- Is that an ant nest?!  She stood up and half ran, half walked over to the ant nest covered in nice fat juicy ants, Jackpot!  She smiled happily and flapped her wings in excitement.  Bon appetite!
Manu looked down thoughtfully at the- What did the humans call it again? He stared at the steep hill trying to remember Oh yes…. The Cliffs of instances- No wait… The Cliffs of Insanity!  They had seemed very proud of the name at the time and laughed at each other, but personally, (having not seen movie- The Princess Bride) Manu didn't get it.  “I mean... Why not just name it “Cliff”?”  He muttered under his breath “Or clouds or grass hills… Why name it ‘Cliffs of Insanity’? That makes no sense at all.” He turned around to face the dam and strutted towards it. He jumped up onto the “Jetty Thing” and looked around.  Maisy isn't here either…. I wonder if she is avoiding me... He sat down on the jetty and sighed tiredly. His little booted legs were not very good at this walking-long-distances thing. 


  1. Very nice Sarah, that made me smile! Poor little Manu.

    1. Thank you!
      As for Manu and Maisy... I have a plan for little Manu when *SPOILER SPOILER* and *SPOILER* which then means *SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER* and during then I will be killing *SPOILER* and *SPOILER* maybe even *SPOILER*...

      *walks away snickering*

  2. Manu is all too 'zhausted' now.... (incase you were wondering 'zhausted' is sometimes referred to as exhausted)...