Saturday, March 11, 2017

Numbers as People... Wait, What?

Okay so, I don't remember how and when I started doing this exactly... I just remember doing it a lot.

Ever since I was a little kid, I liked to imagine that the numbers 1-10 were actual human characters with actual personalities. Did anyone else do that?? (Not a rhetorical question at all, please feel free to answer.)

Maybe it was just because I really liked making up random characters...  (Still do)

Or maybe it was just something I did in a feeble attempt to make mathematics a fun subject.

For instance; one moment I'll be sitting down doing my math work like a normal person and then suddenly I was really annoyed because Six had just defeated Five in a practice duel while One watched on from the sidelines. (6 - 5 = 1) 

I mean, how rude right?

Anyway, without further ado, I'm gonna introduce them. (Using mostly bullet points and quick, terrible sketches 'cos it's been a while since I've talked to them...)


  • Chivalrous but can be a bit of a rascal at times.
  • Quick-witted and a good swordsman.
  •  Absolute Best Bros with Sir Two.
  • Would never, ever, in a million years hurt a Lady. (Intentionally, that is.)
  • Tends to rush through things without first thinking them through.
  • Is small...ish. Don't ever mention it to him, he hates it. (Comes up to just below Sir Two's shoulder...)
  • Likes to think himself as a poet...  and is not very good at it. (But it's okay, Five's been tutoring him)

  • Big friendly giant.
  • Seriously strong.
  • Not even joking, he could lift a horse.
  • Best Bros with Sir One.
  • Very chivalrous.
  • Kind-hearted but would totally kick your butt if you dared to hurt any of his friends.
  • Often finds himself helping with many of Sir One's crazy plans of mischievousness. (Whether he wants to or not.)
  • Gets along with Six surprisingly well.

  • Very motherly and caring towards others, regardless of their age. 
  • Advice for everyone! Whether you want it or not!
  • Though in fairness her advice is pretty solid. 
  • Even though she is older by a couple years, she is very good friends with Princess Four.
  • Subtly ships Princess Four with Five but doesn't pester them about it.
  • Bit of a gossiper but never intends to harm anyone.

  • Diplomatic genius. (Whether she likes it or not)
  • Daughter of the King.
  • Don't ask about the hair, she likes it that way, a'right?
  • Gets along with Sir One and Sir Two rather easily and they've never dared to play a prank on her.
  • Kinda the one in charge of the Castle (After her father the king of course). Takes care of the house-keeping staff and makes sure everything runs smoothly.
  • Best friends with Lady Three.
  • Not fond of politics but she goes to the meetings with her father anyway so she can learn how everything works. (Because hey! One day she's going to be the Queen and she doesn't want to be caught unprepared.)
  • The one who always says; "Better safe than sorry."

  • Minstrel and Poet.
  • Trusted emissary of the King. 
  • ^ He has actually gone on a few secret missions for the good of the kingdom but he prefers to stay at the castle and entertain others over risking his life.
  • King of Jesters and Jester to the King. (Haha, sorry, had to put that reference in there. Kudos and cookies to you if you get it!)
  • Is in love with Princess Four but hasn't really told her because he doesn't want their friendship to be weird. (Cliche I know but come on, I made these characters up when I was around the age of six years old or something.)
  • Is quite intrigued by the art of swordsmanship and offered to give Sir One lessons in poetry if [Sir One] would kindly teach him how to wield a sword properly. (Sir One agreed.)
  • Day-dreamer and optimist.
  • Good friends with Six and just about everyone.

  • The one that keeps the bard alive. (Five)
  • Mercenary.
  • Was hired by the King to make sure Five didn't get himself into any dangerous situations without having help somewhere nearby. He's had to step in to help on a few occasions and they've become good friends.
  • Rarely ever in the Court. You'd probably have better luck finding him on the castle grounds or in the neighbouring village.
  • Doesn't really care much for royal titles.
  • No patience for politics.
  • Strong moral code.


And that's about it! I did have personalities for the numbers seven to ten but I couldn't really draw the right look for them... If people aren't too weirded out by this post, maybe I can do a part two or something? (I may just end up doing it anyway, who knows!)

So there you go, a random personality quirk of mine; I like to pretend numbers are people... (Yeah, I know I'm weird.)