Thursday, September 29, 2016

September Art Dump. Yay!

Okay so. This is kinda like a letter to older-me to show what my artwork was like when I was sixteen... 

Hopefully I won't come back to this post later in life and go 'Woah... okay... THIS SUCKS' but at the same time I kinda hope that I do 'cos that'd mean I actually get much better. If that makes any sense?

No? Okay, moving on to the art!

(P.S Hi, older-me! I hope you've been practising drawing the left eye! Or hands even!)


Based on this photo I took while in the car:

I love clouds....
Well... As you can see, I didn't get it the exact way I was hoping too, but oh well!

Sadly, I didn't have a photo reference for this one... Probably for the best seeing as it is called 'No-Where'.

Little Girl in a Poncho :D I found a cool looking poncho-reference sheet on Pinterest so this happened!

Just messing around with the colours and brushes in Krita... Turned out okey dokie :) (except for the eye.. I honestly have no idea where I was going with that.)

My first ever sketch of a male character (belonging to one of mah friends) that actually ended up looking pretty okay :D

I drew this one for my little sister (little little sister not my other older little sister) and basically it's her character from the same story as the previous drawing :D 

Now lastly, -cough- but not -cough- ...I drew my character, Lillianna Maple from an online game called 'Guild Wars'.

Basically, it's a game that my brother got me into (it's all his fault) that has a steampunk-fantasy-medieval feel to it. (With a bunch of magic, if you couldn't tell from the picture... She's a Mesmer and the butterflies are kinda a trademark thing for the Mesmer class...)

Oh, and she's pretty much the only drawing I did this year that I actually had enough courage to colour in with pencils (-gasp-) and didn't fail completely... Yay!


So anyway, I did have a bunch of other drawings I did this month but most of them either failed spectacularly or I just didn't feel like waiting for all of them to load. ;P (plus, these ones were my personal favourites)

Well, that's all for now.... See ya next month!