Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Weirdness I Used To Believe When I was A Smol Child

The weather announcer guy/lady was always right.

In a time in which I didn't understand how the whole 'predicting of the weather' and 'chances of so-and-so' system worked.

If they said it was gonna rain, it would rain.

If they said it was gonna be sunny, well then. Sunshine all round!

If they mentioned snow-- HALLELUJAH NO SCHOOLWORK! (Mum was nice enough to let us play outside whenever that happened.) 

For some reason smol-me didn't particularly like the amount of power that they wielded, and how they wielded it.  Hence, I was downright overjoyed when I woke up one morning to see that the weatherman's forecast of a sunny day was completely wrong. It was, in fact, raining cats and dogs.

Thinking back, I probably misheard it-- but that didn't stop the little ol' smug-me from bounding up to my mum and announcing the weatherman had made a mistake. It also taught me to start taking things with a grain of salt-- probably much to my Mum's annoyance whenever she was trying to teach me stuff.

Every live-action movie was 'Live'. 

...In which the very second the VCR (the old version of DVDs, for you youngin's) went in, and it went to the menu-- there would be a tiny signal sent off to a studio that would set off an alarm, and the actors would all have to scramble to to their places to peform the whole thing over again.... for the rest of their lives.


Basically I sometimes noticed different lil' things each time I watched a movie. Now of course that's pretty normal, as I was probably focusing on a different part of the screen or character once in a while.... But no.

My smol-self decided it must've been the actors improvising and/or making a mistake. Maybe they're bored? I wondered. They're only human after all. They couldn't be expected to have a perfect perfomance every hundredth time I wanted to watch the Wiggles. (The real ones.)

In a way, I almost felt bad for them... But that never stopped me from watching the movie again and again. :P

Babies... were made by a kiss (on the lips) between a Mum and Dad.

So first of all... Apparently not.

This one was just more of a guessing game for me. I quite enjoyed coming up with completely innocent theories (and possibly the most embarrasing one) for the magical appearance of a baby human in the family.

Forget storks. That was an obvious lie made up by parents to throw curious kiddos off the trail of discovery. Unless they were like my parents, who pressed the 'panic' button and took the classic: 'I'll tell you when you're older' escape route.

But yes. When I was a smol, babies totally came from magical kisses. (*facepalm*)

When someone falls asleep at night, they immediately start the next day before anyone else.

Sooo this one's semi-hard to explain. Basically whenever my siblings fell asleep before me, I instantly thought that they must have woken up in 'tomorrow morning'.

I also had a small tendency to sleep in... (Heh, still do. Something I need to fix.) hence, when I finally managed to fall asleep and wake up-- they were already there and doing stuff around the house.

By seven years old, I kinda knew it didn't make any sense, but I still liked to think about it often.

*cue me poking my sister's cheek as she slept* I wonder what she's having for breakfast right now. 

...I didn't have an explanation for naps.

AnnnNNnnNnd... I think that pretty much covers the majority of assumptions I made as a kiddo! (Or at least that's the stuff I remember the most...)

What about you guys? Any crazy stuff you thought was true when you were little? (Feel free to answer! I'm legitimately curious ;D)

Also... Surprise! I'm back now. That break felt way too long, but it was much needed. ^-^ *throws confetti*


  1. Gosh, that is great. I had an imaginary friend/pet.... ummm... There were a lot of song lyrics I never heard right and so thought they were completely different.... what a surprise when I finally looked them up or heard them right... I can't think of anything as good as what you have here, 'specially about waking up in tomorrow, that is adorable!

    1. Cool! I tended to mishear lyrics quite often too. Nothing's better than finding out years later that one has been singing it wrong the entire time. XD

  2. This is an awesome post, Sarah!:) I love the one about live action movies being live, and the actors being stuck on the movie forever!!

    1. Aw thanks! Heh yasss, it made a whole lot of sense back then. xD

  3. That's so funny; I used to think that people immediately started the next day as soon as they fell asleep, too!! XD

    1. *Happy gasp* ET TU?? XD That's awesome, I'm glad it wasn't just me! ^-^

  4. Oh my woooord. XD XD These are all hilarious.

    Personally, I used to think that the sound of the highway + mines coming OMINOUSLY FROM THE DIRECTION OF THE BIG DARK FOREST across the road. Was, of course, A BEAR. So if it ever got particularly loud while I was outside I'd scurry to hide behind a bush or something and just peer toward the trees trying to see the bear.

    1. Oh wow, that's awesome! XD
      ..I think I remember doing something sorta similar... Except I usually would just freak myself out for no reason with my over-active imagination-- while walking around somewhere dark, of course.
      Bear noises instead of the highway/mine noise are way cooler. xD

  5. OH MY WORD I DIED. XD XD XD THESE WERE AWESOME. I honestly don't remember making crazy assumptions when I was little...maybe because I was very logical. Oh wait; I remember now: I used to think that people in pictures were watching me. XD

    1. Yay! xD (I mean-- not 'yay' that you almost /died/ but that... oh well, you know what I mean XD)