Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ta da! New Blog Style!!

You may have noticed that my blog has changed! Or if you did not, have a good look around...

Yes, Zach did it all! Hehehehehehe... He kept complaining about the other one and how it just looked weird and horrible, so I just decided to let him have a go and needless to say, I wasn't disappointed (not one bit) and now, I'm calling them The Lumpy-Dumpy Clouds (he even added a lumpy-dumpy butterfly!) He also suggested that I should rename my blog to "Thoughts in the Lumpy-Dumpy clouds"... Truth be told, I'm thinking about it!

Guess what?!
I've found the blog description editor!!!


  1. Oho! No more 'weird and horrible'... You even updated the blog list...

    1. Yup!

      I'm still trying to get everyone's blogs on there but something is wrong with the "add to list" thingy..

  2. Wow it looks heeeps better, the moving clouds are rather cool. But Zach so much white and light blue, I'm surprised, when my sisters told me you had re done Sarah's blog I never thought it would look so bright.

  3. Brilliant, resplendent, very nice! and proper job Zach.