Friday, January 13, 2017

Baby Panda Drawing Diary (AND HAPPY NEW YEAR)

*Karate kicks the door open*


Phew, I haven't posted here since last year.


Sorry that was terrible...

Moving on!

I was thinking of doing another drawing/painting process (feat. my random thoughts) blog post and so here we are :D

Disclaimer: I often have moments where I have absolutely no clue what I am doing so please bear with me.



Look up and collect all the references you can find while remaining completely focus- AWW LOOK AT ALL THE BABY PANDAS.


Ahem. After staring at picture references for who knows how long (during which I somehow ended up looking at Star Wars pins), I sketched a very basic idea of what I wanted it to look like.

Very. Basic.... and er, bad.

 Oh well.


I traced over it with another brush and added a balloon (because cuteness that's why) this time being much neater... I think.

I also added a single tooth to give a ferocious/cute look. Why just one tooth you ask?

Observe my dear reader:

Now the panda is just ferocious (and maybe even a little bit crazy looking) with very little cuteness effect.

That is why I only put in one tooth :D


Next, I re-checked my panda reference pictures and blacked out the necessary areas to make it look as much like a panda as possible. (This is where the reference pictures often come in handy.)


Next I did the eyes and mouth.... and that's about it.



Checked my reference pictures again (after lunch) and realised that panda's aren't just completely white and black... Huh.

Looking back, I probably could have just left it at white and just called it a day, but I like to experiment with colours so.... 


Yah. I might have gone a bit overboard...

Oh well! :D

Because it looks a bit messy as just random blobs of colour we shall do this!

Change previous brush to this one:

Continue on to next screenshot.

Smooth out the colours... And repeat a thousand times until it looks about right :)


Okay! Smoothing out blobs accomplished, now for the balloon :D

Haha.... Just kidding, we have to smooth out more blobs.

(95% of my colouring technique right there: Place Blobs. Smooth Blobs. Repeat until looks right. Done.)

Last but not least, I added a simple light grey blob for the panda's shadow, add mah butterfly signature and....

All done :D