Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The "Of Rising Authors" Tag :: Vol. 3 and... 4?

Oh dear, here we go again...!

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  • No tagging back. (When was this added??)
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Thank ye very muchly Ral and Jessica! (Double-tag posts are indeed a thing xD)

Ral's Questions:

1. What Genre of books is your favourite (To read or to write)?

(To read and write) Modern-Fantasy, lots of action and high stakes probably. 

2. What would happen if your MC Loses?

Bad things, man... Bad things. Maybe not straight away-- but my villain would continue to go crazy with power (not the magical kind, the dictator-ish kind) and start exploiting it.... Until one day she slipped up and ended up getting arrested by the police who finally came to their senses.

(But you know, not until after a loooong reign of terror.)

3. What would happen if a secondary character becomes the MC? 

*almost falls out of chair* ARE YOU KIDDING ME. How--?! What--?!

*ahem* Sorry, allow me to explain... The amount of irony in this question is quite amusing considering I'm actually going to attempt this for G.A... Wish me luck :P 

4. How do you get your ideas? 

By spending a lot of time zoning out and thinking. Some other ways would be talking to specific friends and family about it and bouncing ideas back and forth. It's fun. *wise nod*

Either that or just sitting on my bed and staring at the roof works almost just as well.

5. What do you like to do to your characters? (That's NOT Torturing them. I literally have asked this before and TWO PEOPLE have said they torture their characters.)

Tortur-- oh... uhm. *crickets chirp*

This is awkward.

6. What would happen if your villain had a change of heart?

Weeeeell... um, spoilers! *throws down a confetti bomb and disappears in a cloud of confetti*

7. Would you rather: Never write again OR Write for the rest of eternity. Never stopping. (I know, I'm evil >:D)

Oh man, um.... This one is actually super hard 'cos the writing for the rest of eternity implies that I can't draw ever again... o-o But on the other hand, I really like writing and making up stories for characters and not being able to write again would suck.

OH-- Waitaminute... I think I've found a loophole... I won't write, I'll just dictate :D 

8. (If you do Indigo's challenge, you don't have to answer from here on :D) What's your favourite style to write in? (First-person, third-person, etc)

HA. This is pretty much the one thing I am 100% confused about, all the time. I love both, really. They both have way too many pros and cons for me to make a proper decision. (or maybe I just overthink it far too much). This is also why my snippets (for the same WIP) so often vary from third-person to first-person. 

9. Any Tips for writing? If so, please share.

Just. Keep. Writing. 

I know you've all probably heard this one, a thousand times, but it's true. Who cares if it's bad? The only way you'll get good at something is if you keep doing it.

Oh yeah, and reading. Make sure you read lots. *wise nod*

10. What is the hardest thing for you to write?


Writing is hard for me. It will always be hard for me... But that's fine-- I still love it anyway. *shrug*

* * *

Okie dokie and now for Jessica's Questions!

1. What do you struggle most in your writing with?

I think it'd have to be the actual writing part itself... Sitting down and not getting distracted by anything else.. specifically drawing. (Weirdly enough, Pinterest hasn't been so distracting lately...I dunno how.)

2. What inspired you to write your WIP?

Oooh tricky. I dunno, I think I was listening to a sermon in church when a particular sentence came along and hit me over the head with inspiration. Annnnd then, in the car ride home, I talked to my Dad and older brother about it and basically we came up with so many scene and concept ideas that I just had to write it. The story itself has changed a lot over time. 

3. What is the theme of your WIP?

I think it's 'Redemption'.... Both my MCs, Brinley and Asher, have things they regret doing (or not doing) and the guilt just kinda follows them around everywhere.... annnnd I should stop talking before I spoil the whole story.

4. Which do you enjoy more; planning out your character development or your world?

Planning out the character deveploment, definitely. Creating the world is fun too, but not as much ;P 

5. Do you have a set genre that you write to?

I don't think so... I've kinda been hopping from fantasy to modern-day-superhero (does that count as a genre?) lately.

6. What would be your most dreaded genre to have to write?

Science Fiction. Definitely. 

More so the type of Science Fiction where planets and space travel are involved. I can't really bring myself to read it, let alone write in that genre. It tends to be so full of lengthy descriptions and science-y (wow, really Sarah?) terms that I lose interest almost immediately. 

(SciFi movies are super cool though.)

7. Do you have a favourite character?

Mhm... I dunno. Depends if you're asking about my favourite character of all time or one of my original characters?

For the former question: It'd have to be either Leo Valdez or Hearthstone. (I don't do complete favourites :P that's much to hard)

8. If so, why are they your favourite? (If not, why don’t you have a favourite?)

Aw, come on.... It was hard enough trying to think up a favourite xD

I don't really know how to explain why they are my favourites... They just are. *shrug*

Oh wait maybe it's because they both have tragic backstories.

9. Are you a nice writer or an evil one?

Evil...ish. I think. Considering one of my characters has to deal with PTSD... I'll let you decide :P

(What is the definition of a 'nice' writer anyway? Someone who gives their character ice-cream every few scenes or so? I dunno.) 

10. If you could insert yourself into any part of your WIP in the place of your MC, what would it be and why?

Ooh. I dunno... I probably wouldn't? 'Cos bad stuff happens... and my characters kinda need the calmer moments to relax. I would feel pretty guilty if I did that... unless it was a bad moment. In which case I would be too busy freaking out.

* * *

*realizes I've finished all the questions* Waitaminute. I'm... I'm DONE? *quickly searches under chairs and rugs for anymore questions that might be hiding* ...Huh, I guess so.

Okay! So I don't think I'll tag anyone specific this time... I'll just leave it open. If you, dear reader, haven't by some miracle done this tag already (or if you want to do it again)-- I hereby tag you. :D

Here are ze Questions...

1. Do you prefer writing in your pajamas, or everyday clothes? (Or dressed up in a costume?)
2. If you absolutely had to rewrite a well-known book and put zombies in it, which one would you pick? (Bonus points if you write a small snippet (with zombies) for that book :D) 
3. Which do you prefer: First person, or third person?
4. If you had to choose only one hobby (any of them) to have perfected for the rest of your life, what would it be? (You can still have other hobbies, but you won't have mastered them)
5.  If you could live in a book of your choice, which one would it be? (Please also explain why?)
6. What book do you love so much that you often wish you had come up with the idea?
7. So.. *leans back in a comfy chair with a cup of tea* How's your WIP coming along? 
8. Write a small scene in which your MC encounters a talking squirrel (who is also an assassin with a secret weapon). (Please? :D) 
9. Have you ever written a scene that made you cry? 
10. How many times have you made your character cry in their story? (Or made them want to cry?) 

Now go forth! (...And let me know if you did it!)



  1. Oh wow Ninja! That was priceless!
    Great answers, and now I want to find a book where the characters get given ice-cream all of the time.xD
    Great post anyways!

    1. *bows and almost trips over* Thanks Legolas! Hehe, yeah. I can just imagine the characters getting more and more confused as the ice cream just keeps on coming xD

    2. *Decides that needs to be a thing, so tries to come up with a plot for it*

  2. Ooooh, great post!!! I really liked your answers (especially the one where you lay on your bed and stare at the roof) ;-D.
    Maybe I'll add your tag to my long list of ones I have to do because the questions are AWESOME!!! XD

    1. Oh yay! Glad to hear they sounded at least somewhat interesting xD And yes-- Please feel free to do so! :D

  3. Ooooh great answers!!! I've been tagged (by none other than Ral) for this tag, but I think I will do your questions also because they are such fun and interesting questions!! :D I think the tag(s) will be posted on my blog next week.
    I don't like SciFi books either! Like you said, too science-y. XD I have never really seen any scifi movies, but I doubt I would like them.

    1. Aw, thanks xD and yes yes yes, please do so! I look forward to reading it :D
      Hehe, yeeeeup- they do get a bit over complicated in my opinion ;P and yeah, it kinda depends on the movie and/or tv show... I have a whole list of Scifi movies I found really enjoyable to watch (having, of course, their own pros and cons each), but yeah. When it's in a book... (And while I have tried to drag myself through one) I just can't bring myself to read them.
      (*cue horrified gasps of SciFi book genre fans everywhere*)

    2. I agree (with everything you said)!

    3. "(*cue horrified gasps of SciFi book genre fans everywhere*)" - Slisby

      *Gasps in horror*

  4. Awesome post, Sarah!:) I loved reading your answers, and I love to write in fantasy too!


    1. YAS-- fantasy buddies! XD And thankie!! I'm glad you enjoyed reading them. ^-^

  5. Aww, this was fun! And I think you're entirely correct -- I don't think there's such a thing as a "nice" writer. Because then that would be an awfully boring book. xD

    katie grace
    a writer's faith

    1. Aw yay :D Glad to know I'm not the only one who thought that xD ...Although I guess it would be kinda interesting if (using my odd ice-cream example) all the ice-cream sorta became the bane of a character's existance XD ....But I guess that would also be kinda mean in a way... Darn xP

      (And thankie!)

  6. Yaay! Now to Finish the tag Jess tagged me for so I can tag you again! XD XD :D

    (By the way, I LOVE giving my characters Tragic Backstories. For some reason.)

    (By the way again, Check the latest post on me blog :D)

    1. Hahaha- *dies* ....Well, okay if you absolutely must tag me again, then sure XD

      (Yah, same! Weird that ;P)

      (And okie dokie ;D)