Sunday, October 8, 2017

And here we are yet again :D (October Art Dump)

The title pretty much says all. :P 

(P.S A reply letter to 'Slightly Younger Self' from August: What are these 'hands' you speak write of? I wasn't aware there was such a thing.... Sounds like it'd be annoying. (Okay-- Yes, I may be in denial over the fact that hands need to be drawn.) As for poses... ugh.)

(P.P.S- A letter to 'Older Self': DRAW MORE INTERESTING POSES... Also: Finish plotting your WIP already-- it's almost November.)

(P.P.P.S- A letter to my readers: I do apologize if you think I'm weird for leaving letters to my future self... and then also replying to myself, when I become said future-self.... It brings me great entertainment :P)


To be honest... I kinda surprised myself with this one. I was just scribbling away on my laptop (using sketchpad) when I thought.. Ohey, I haven't tried using the highlighter yet... I wonder what they do-- WOAH.

Turns out the highlighter goes under the pen! And the colours blend together! JUST LIKE MAGIC!! (Okay, maybe not 'just like magic' but pfft, you know what I mean.) And then that led onto another drawing... (Annnnnnd because I also liked the colour scheme thing I had going with her hair...)

For funsies... annnnnd 'cos I had to make sure I wasn't just dreaming the whole thing. (While also adding in the pencil colours because the highlighter's colour range was rather unfortuantly scant.)

 *Ahem* But anyway. None of this really mattered much the very next week, since by that time I finally managed to get krita to work once more!!

Blue hair because reasons.

This was my "YAAAAYYY KRITA-- [the art program I use]-- IS FINALLY WORKING AGAIN-- MWAHAHAHA" drawing.. xP

Quickly followed by: (because I wanted to make sure the first one wasn't just a fluke...)

EMBER AGAIN! :D (and yay, it wasn't a fluke!) Seriously though... I don't know how many drawings I've done of Ember to date... not including the ones I've done of her in my sketch book. She's pretty much one of my most difficult characters to draw consistantly... (even now, I think I kinda messed up her hair colour slightly..)

Another unamed character... I really liked drawing and colouring in her hair and all in all, the picture turned out surprisingly better than I thought it would. ^-^

I've been wanting to trying something a little more (okay, a lot more) different than what I usually draw.... (*cough* people *cough*) So obviously I had to draw a lamp... in a tree... with sparkles and fireflies. 

All the glowing things. ^-^

So yep, that concludes this (remarkably) short post of my random art. (...Mostly because I couldn't manage to draw anything else that could top the fantasy-lantern :P) 

Byeeee for now!



  1. Wow. These are Amazing, as always!! I love them <3! I'm so excited about these, I'm gonna go draw now, Lol. Thanks for the inspiration! :D

    1. Aw, thanks Ral <3
      And yes! Go forth and do alll the drawing xD

  2. Awesome drawings, Sarah!:) I love all the color in them.

  3. Okay but YEET THESE ARE ALL SO GOOD??? How.
    That is all I have to say.

    Those last two are absolutely stunning though. <3

    1. *bounces up and down excitedly* EEp thanks Jane! :D (crazy stupid amount of practice and getting stuff wrong, that's how XD)

      Thank you! ^u^

  4. OH MY WORD THEY'RE SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the highlights!!! XD (I think it's awesome that you leave notes to yourself...;-D) My favorite picture was the last one. :-)

    1. AAAaaah thank you!! (Oh good, glad to hear it's not weird xD)

  5. WOW your art is AMAZING! I especially loved the very first one, the third one, Ember, and the lamp in the tree. BEAUTIFUL. <3
    I am always so excited when you post more of your drawings. :)

  6. Some nice colours there, and I like that unamed character, but the lamp! SO cool!

    1. Yeet, thanks Clare! I've been wanting to do the lamp one for a while now xD