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The "Of Rising Authors" Tag :: Vol. 2

Waitaminute! How'd we get back here again?? Good golly gosh, how long has it been since I've done this tag... *goes to check*

WOAH-- *almost falls out of chair* Okay.... Turns out it was July last year.

Anyway, thanks Ralraymee and MiddleEarthMusician! You're both awesome!

Krita hasn't been working lately, so I had to improvise.

(I assume the rules haven't changed at all, so I shall just put them here...)


Thank the random who tagged you. 

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Well... Here we go again. (Imma do Ral's questions first...)

1. What's a strange thing you do while writing?

I still tend to chew on my headphone's cable whenever I'm writing (providing I also happen to be listening to music).... To be honest, I'm surprised it's still alive.

2. Any funny writing stories? if so, please share.

Well... I'm not sure if it counts as 'funny' but there was this one time I took my laptop to Bunnings. Just so that I could keep on writing my story while Dad did the shopping. (For anyone who doesn't know my dad... He loves Bunnings. We may have even spent approximitely four to six hours in there at some point while he contemplated buying a new drill.)

(Might be funny to you guys though... At this point I just suffer ;D)

3.  What's one of the worst things you've written? Please share

*spends half an hour trying to choose because there's just so much material to go with*

Okie dokie, found something cringeworthy! BRACE YOURSELVES PEEPS. (Also note that this snippet is from yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaars ago... Possibly from when I was 6-7 years old? I don't know.)

One day Kate was sitting under a tree reading her bible when her friends came over,
“Kate?” asked her friend “Yes Lulu?” asked Kate “How are you feeling?” she asked “Hmm, ok I guess” She replied looking up from her bible.
“Oh! Hi Becky and Lulu!” 
“Yes we’ve here a while now.” said Becky as  she  folded her arms “Oh. That’s  Fine,” answered  Kate. 
“Kate isn’t being herself you know” whispered Lulu to Becky.  “Kate do you remember we are going to-“began Becky “sure do” Kate said. 

*ahem* ...I'll spare you the rest. (For those who are really curious: If I remember correctly, they later go swimming in the lake on Kate's family property... Kate almost drowns, 'cos they were silly enough to take a rowboat too away from the shoreline without life jackets and yeah-- basically I was an angsty child back then.)

Funnily enough, it was found in a folder named 'The ancient ones that shall not be mentioned'. Gee, I wonder why... ;P

4.  If you could meet /any/ one of your OC's which one would you meet and why? (Double question :P)

AHHHH-- NO. How dare you make me choose just one of my dear children D: *hugs them all*

But..... I suppose if I absolutely had to answer this question. I'd probably go with Brinley 'cos I've "known" her much longer than all my other OCs. (That's not a weird thing to say-- nope, not at all..)

5. What's one of the best things you've written? Please share.

Oh. um. *realizes this was much easier to do with the 'worse things you've written' question* 

Oh stuff it-- This is the closest thing I can think of... *throws snippet at ya because I'm terrible at being vague and using a description intstead*

“Brinley— Stop! Come back!” 

I kept walking. There was nothing else for me to do. I failed, I had messed up… I had just ruined the lives of the young woman’s family in one fell swoop and it was taking every ounce of self-control I had to not just fall apart right then and there. I wasn’t going to stop.

I heard Asher’s steps echoing my own and a few seconds later, he reached out to grab my arm. “Brinley, please just wait...”

I couldn’t help but flinch back at his touch, moving out of his reach as much as I could without stumbling onto the road. No— no, it’s okay, there’s no vision-- it’s okay. I grabbed onto the nearest pole to steady myself. My eyes started to burn and I took in a shaky breath. Just keep breathing.

One look at his expression and any strength I had left unraveled almost instantly. Covering one hand over my mouth, I let out a choked sob. 

It wasn’t meant to happen this way—

I felt pathetic and so self-centered. Not crying for the loss of the dead woman who had, moments before now, life— but because I had been such an idiot. I tried to take in a few breaths to calm down, but only succeeded in pushing myself further into the great sob-lake of stupidness. 

How did I ever think I could do this?!

“Hey, calm down.” Asher’s abnormally gentle tone tore me out of my thoughts and back into the present. “There was nothing else you could’ve done.”

No- he’s just lying to make you feel better. 

I shook my head, unable to speak. Heck, even if I could of- I didn’t want to talk. There was absolutely nothing to say.

Annnnnnd back to the happy cotton-candy land of clouds now. Yay!

6. Who's your favourite Author?(And yes; you can say yourself if it's true XD)

Haha, well.. I am currently my worst critic so I think it's safe to say it's not me. xP

Hmmm.... T'would probably have to be the authors Jackie French and Michael Morpurgo.... Just going by the fact that I used to borrow and read as many of their books I could find, 'cos they were so entertaining. (In the sense that the majority had realistic characters, high stakes and intriguing plots... They weren't always funny-entertaining.)  Rick Riordan is also on my list of favourite authors. (I can never have just one favourite xP)

7. If you couldn't write for a WHOLE DAY *Gasp* What would you do?

I'd probably draw.

*marvels to self at how easily I answered that question*

8. If you were a knight in shining armour, which of your characters would play the roles? (eg; Dragon, Damsel in distress, Horse, ect) and how do you think it'd play out? (Double double question :P)


So I have this fairly new character called Althea and I think she'd have to be the damsel in distress (either her or Brinley.. but somehow I don't think that the whole 'damsel in distress' archetype suits Brinley very well. So Althea it is.) 

Valencia would be the dragon. Not an evil dragon mind you... just one who wants to be left alone for once and gets quite irritated when people start poking her with sticks.

Wait... 'Horse'?? Er.. I dunno if this means a 'pet' or a noble steed'' or... I dunno, a character that's a loyal friend/ally...? Uhm, going with the last one-- I think I'd go with my lightning mage, Isaac. 

Ember would be the exasperated fairy godmother who sometimes helps out on the quest. (Not on the list, but I just couldn't help it xD)

As for how it would play out...  It would most certainly be interesting...

Moving on!

9. How do you think your story would go if the roles were reversed? (Eg; Villain was MC, Minion was sidekick and so on)

Holy moly, that would make for an interesting story.. *leans back in the chair, thinking about it.* 

...Let's not go there.

10. (Phew, last one) If you could pick a character from ANY book series (Can be yours if you wish), Which one would be your best friend? (Have fun with that xD)

Ack, I dunno.... Actually wait-- *smacks forehead* Yes I do. xD

Leo Valdez from Rick Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus series, of course. He's hilarious.

* * *

And now for MiddleEarthMusician's questions!

1.    How do you go about writing an emotional scene? (I seriously need help with this.)

Er... Well, I'm not exactly sure if I should be recommending this or not... But personally I just listen to very emotional music (works best if music also comes with sad lyrics)... and basically make myself really sad. 

2.    What is your WIP’s theme song?

Theme song... *spends ages trying to figure out if I should choose one with words or not*

"Nightsky" by Tracey Chattaway.

Anyway, I know I already shared this one with you guys in my other post... But I couldn't help but add it here as well. It just works so darn well *hugs music*.

3.    What is one character in a book you’ve read that you just absolutely hate?

OKAY! *brings out massive list* ...oh wait, you meant one of them..? *crickets chirp* *discreetly throws list over shoulder and into the fiery lava of Mount Doom* *explosion sound*

Summer Spidell from 'Winne the Horse Gentler' series would have to be on the top of my least-liked character list... She was a total jerk and was never given a redemption arc (which is fair enough 'cos some people just don't change-- but personally, it would've been nice to have some closure...)

4.    How old is your MC?

She's sixteen... One year older than I was when I made her up... Which is really weird 'cos now I'm older than her!

5.    What is their dream job?

Hmm... To be a hermit.

Nah, just kidding. My incredibly old notes tell me that I had planned for her to work towards becoming a detective... but apparently past-future-me decided to scribble it out 'cos I decided it wouldn't really suit her.

So after much thinking, researching and talking to Jane about it, I finally came to the conclusion that Brinley would go to university and study criminological psychology... And later on become a psychologist so she could keep helping people. ^-^

6.    When is the ideal time of day for you to write?

Around 7:30 PM to.... my complete annoyance: some time that's late at night.

No really-- The later it is at night, the more inspired I am to write.. which is kinda annoying 'cos sleep is supposed to be really healthy and stuff... *glares at clock*

7.    If you were stuck in your WIP for one hour, what would you want to accomplish before you left?

*Brings out a different list* I'm super glad you asked :D

1) Give Brinley a hug. (Well, duh)

2) Slap Asher for being an idiot. (Maybe... I haven't really decided whether he will do the thing (spoilers) that decides whether or not he shall get slapped.)

3) Eat banana fritters.

4) Basically have a nice conversation with all my characters.

5) And then, assuming I still have enough time... -absolutely nothing-. I'd just chill there. Maybe go for a walk down the street or the park or something.

8.    What is your favorite battle scene in a book?

Oooh this is hard. Um... I dunno xD (I couldn't really think of one off the top of my head, so I guess I don't really have a favourite? *hums thoughtfully*)

9.    If you were cast as a character in a movie adaptation of your book, who would you want to play?

Eh, I dunno...?

I'm not particularly sure if I would even want to be in the movie xD ...I probably wouldn't do a good job acting as Brinley, or anyone else important.

Actually, what I would like to do (if by some miracle G.A was actually turned into a movie, of course) would be a "Stan Lee"....(Basically a cameo).

That'd be fun :P 

10. (Last one) Are any of your characters based off of people you know?

Hmm... Not really?

*squints at characters* At least I don't think so.. There may be a few side characters... 

* * *

So anyway, I think I'll tag Jessica @ Inspiration (Here's another tag for yoooooou :D) and Jasmine @ Where My Wild Heart Grows ....annnnd also anyone else who wishes to do it or hasn't done it already ^-^ (all these tag-backs are getting too confusing to keep up with xD)

Oh boy, I have to think up questions now, don't I...? Darnit.

1. When was the last time you worked on your WIP?
2. Do you have a comic-relief sort-of character in your story?
3. Do you have a favourite place to write?
4. What's the first book that made you cry?
5. How many WIPs do you currently have?
6.What was your hardest scene to write?
7. Do you have a specific ambience that you like to listen to for your WIP? (Like an aesthetic/collage almost... but only sounds ;D)
8. Write about the first thing that comes to mind when you see the colour green.
9. Does your MC have a sidekick/best bud and/or pet? If no pet, do they want one? If no sidekick, do they need one? xD
10. (LAST QUESTION, YAAYY.) How old were you when you first started writing?


  1. Yay, a post! :D
    I enjoyed reading your answers. I have read the Winnie the Horse Gentler books also, and I share your opinion about Summer Spidell.

    1. Yep! *Throws confetti around*
      Oh yay :D Glad I'm not the only one who couldn't stand her;D

  2. Oh.
    It's the second, and you've /already/ done a post. *Passes you Pizza, Banana fritters and throws confetti everywhere*
    I have to agree with you about Leo; he's hilarious. I started reading that series, and I really enjoyed it, but the girl said "Oh my ---" too much for me to handle. Maybe in the future I'll keep reading it. :D

    1. Ta da!! *Noms all the banana fritters and pizza happily*

      He is indeed xD And yeah, that makes sense ^-^ (Good for you for deciding to wait)

    2. Thankie you :D I also chew on my headphones every now and then, but Mum tells me not to.. So I just play with me wobbly tooth instead :D

  3. Awesome post, Sarah!:) I loved reading your answers.

  4. Oooooooh, nice answers!!! I liked them. XD
    Yes, you should get some sleep you know. ;-) *glares at clock with you*

    1. Yay, thank you! Hehe, yeah.. Unfortunately sleep is mandatory for sane, every day living ;D

  5. By the way, Slisby, I tagged you again :P :D
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    1. Oh yes... *facepalms 'cos I forgot* I shall get on to that right away xD