Tuesday, August 1, 2017

August Art Dump! Woot.

So... Just like my 'September art dump' from last year, this is basically just a collection of sketches and sometimes coloured drawings that I did in the previous months... (a.k.a mostly my favourite ones.) It's kinda also like a small note to future me. (*waves to future me-- probably one day reading through this*)

(P.S A reply letter to 'Younger Self' from 2016: Yeah, I've been practicing the left eye... Still not getting it perfect (see below-- oh wait) but I've been much better at it lately *nodnod*. As for hands...? Haha...ha...ha *dies* I'll get back to you on that... Or, you know... not.)


A completely random portait of a completely random, unknown character, of whom I do not know their name... with a flower in her hair.

Big sister.... Little sister
Having the characters drawn with crossed arms ('cos I have mostly figured it out now) is probably my instant-go-to way for whenever I attempt to draw the lower half of a character's body... Just so I can avoid drawing hands. (I have a problem.) (also, you may see the crossed-arms thing pop up in my drawings a whole heap.)

My lil’ super-powered, secret agent Ember.

*Gasp* I DREW HANDS?! 

*further gasp* OH WAIT, WHAT AM I SAYING-- DON'T LOOK AT THE HANDS. *ahem* Just ignooooooore the hands.

I did this one a while ago (t'was my test drawing from when I first bought my new drawing tablet) and I think I did okay... 'cos all of a sudden I could BLEND COLOURS AND PEN PRESSURE WAS A THING. *happy sigh*
A Ginger Ninja :D

Probably got in trouble for something or other.

A quick rough sketch I did of a younger [and genuinely happier] Valencia, yet another one of my OCs xP (I have way too many to keep track of, agh..). 

Brinley :D

I started with a DTS (draw the squad) but lost my motivation for it about halfway through and decided to just draw Brinley by herself ;P

(It was this one, if ye were curious)

(Not my drawing, I just found it on Pinterest)

“Stay away from her.”

I don’t know who these kids are yet… but I love ‘em.

I just randomly drew them and thought:

'Awh. Das cute... I should give them actual personalities and names... And friends... And a villain.... and their own story... and allll the feels."

*glances at schedule and sighs* One day I'll get around to it.

* * *

BUT ANYWAYS-- That's my art from the last couple o' months and stuff!



  1. EEP. The Ginger Ninja is THE BESTEST AND OH GOODNESS I LOVES IT!! *screams excitedly*
    But also allll these pictures. <333 They're so amazing. *flails over them all*

    1. YEE- Thank you Jane!! I'm glad you like 'em ^-^

  2. Ahh, these drawings are amazing, Sarah!


  3. *Flails* Pleease Teach me!! XD! I'm good at Drawing (I think) But not /that/ good! *Flails*

    1. Hehe.. Maaaaaaaaaybe I can? Well, I'm completely self-taught so I'd pretty much have no idea what I'm doing or saying half the time xP (and I also dunno how that would work online xD) But-! I definitely recommend you find every single drawing tutorial you can online and just try them out :D It's helped me heaps.

      ..and thanks! ^u^

    2. Thank you /so/ Much!! *Tackle hugs* Bad thing is I don't know where my drawing tablet is, so I have to use a mouse! ;(

    3. *Hugs back* Anytime ;D (To tell ya the truth, the first couple of years I was drawing digitally I had to use a mouse as well xD ...It definitely takes a bit of getting used to, but works almost just as well ^-^)

  4. Awesome drawings I like the Ginger Ninja and the Brinley drawing!:)


    1. Thank you! :D Heheh, yeah I'm very happy with how they turned out ^-^

  5. OH MY GOODNESS your art is AMAZING!!! :-O You're really good. ;-)
    I love the two kids one, and the ginger ninja. LOL, the one with green eyes looks a lot like me!!! XD
    I think your hands look great!

    1. Awh, THANK YOU!
      Goodness gracious me, a lot of people like the ginger ninja XD (not complaining, it just makes me very happy xD) It does?! Oh wow- that's pretty cool XD
      Yay, thankye!

  6. Your art is absolutely awesome!!!
    I especially like the picture of Brinley. And btw, I really like what I've read about the story she is in.
    Would you be interested in reading my blog? Its private, but once you go to the link you can request and invitation to read it. Here's the link if you are interested: https://talesfromanidealist.wordpress.com
    ~Kendra Lynne
    P.S. If I have already asked that before, I'm sorry, I forgot. :-/
    My brain is rather muddled today anyway.XD

    1. THANK YOUU! ^-^ Awh, that's really cool to know <3
      And yes- I would definitely be interested :D (I'd have to figure out how to get a wordpress account first but anyway xD)

    2. Great! I received your request and have granted you access. Can't wait to hear what you think of what I've written! ^-^ XD

    3. Oooh cool :D *goes to look*

  7. Very nice. I think my favourites are the A Ginger Ninja and the last one.