Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Art Project Diary (Bird Girl) AKA: The Struggle is Very Much Real

Okay, so! This is just basically me documenting my thoughts as I do an art project of some sort. (Or in other words, my further descent into insanity)

Kinda like a diary, I guess!

To be honest I was thinking of doing more of an info/tutorial thing where I would explain what I was doing and why I was doing it, but then I realised that I pretty much have no idea what I'm actually doing half the time...

So, er. Random thoughts it is. :D

And uh, this post may be riddled with sarcasm... So you know... *waves arms around* Beware the sarcasm.

Right. Put on your seat belts folks...This is gonna be a crazy ride.


Since I couldn't decided which one out of the three last "good" sketches I had to colour, I let my little sister do the honours and so ended up with this one. (Not that I'm complaining or anything... Quite relieved actually.)

Okay... So the hair lines were a bit harder to trace than originally planned but it turned out better than imagined so that's always nice...

Note to self: Do more braids.... Fun!

Yay! On to the colouring now.

Ahaha... So brother dearest came along behind me and informed me the image was to small to have nice non-pixelated lines when enlarged... Aha..

Thanks bro.

So I decided to save the picture, open a new thingy, make the image much bigger and re-trace everything. ..In a different colour just so I could tell the difference between the layers :)

Haha.. Ha... Moving on.

Ooooh.... Apparently making the previous lines slightly transparent helps!

I felt pretty happy with everything (but the skirt) and so, leaving some notes for myself that pretty much meant absolutely nothing, I pressed save and turned my computer off for the night.

What could possibly go wrong?



Apparently this could go wrong.

Note to self: When saving a beloved art project..... REMEMBER TO SAVE IT IN THE RIGHT FORMAT. This way, you can still access all the layers you made!

Annnnnnd we are back to square.. er, eight. Again. *sobs*


'How's it going?' you ask?

Yah. Good.

Just... Wonderful :)

(Don't worry, this just happens a lot, trust me)


I had decided that I didn't really like the position of the belt and so lowered it a bit, and then I couldn't really decide whether I should change the skirt or no...Eh, I'll fix it later if it gets too annoying.


*Sigh* You'd think...  I'd learn... But no; I forgot to save again.


Haha... I opened the wrong one. Hehe, It's okay everyone. No heart attacks for today!

*Curls up in a blanket like a burrito and cries tears of relief*

Note: I told you I would be writing pretty much what goes on in my head as I do this project!

Time to start colouring!

Erm, okay... Oops.

That was kinda not meant to happen. (No, it's not because I forgot how to change the lines to black, what are ye talking about.*)

Hmm... I guess for now, she can be a Sci-Fi alien for now... At least until I figure out how to fix it. :)

(*It was actually)


AHAHAHAHAHA. Guess what.

I still have no idea what I'm doing...

Okay, So I've pretty much given up all hope of making this girl look like a normal human being, so I'm just gonna roll with it... (Besides, she's blue... Mah favourite colour. :D )


Considering I started writing this post on the 11/7/16... And it is now the 3/11/17...The struggle is indeed real. (Talk about a plot twist... Bet y'all didn't expect that.)


*chucks ye olde project over shoulder*

*cue explosion*

I'm starting the whole thing again! (Well... sorta.)

(Oooh wow, my krita set-up has changed heaps o-o)

*ahem* Anyway, I restarted with a simple sketch... and decided not to try and redo the pose so it looked mostly like the previous attempt... ('cos if I was honest with myself, that one kinda sucked and my more recent attempts dictated to me that I couldn't get the side-profile-look right xD)

So yah, after that I went ahead and started tracing over it in black.... completely forgetting I hadn't drawn the face yet.

I also decided to change the arms' position... Because otherwise they were just flopping by her sides and that's boring. :P

Note to self: Don't forget to draw the face.

Oh yeah, drawing the rest of the skirt might be handy to remember as well. Basically I just resized the canvas and then dragged the layers up to make room for the rest of the dress.

Woot. Done the face.... sorta. On a scale of one to ten, I'm not particulary sure with how happy I am with it, so I might come back a bit later and redraw some features, who knows.

I'm pretty happy with the dress. It more or less resembles what I had drawn for the other one, while also adding my own little flourishes. Kinda.

So then I went ahead and drew in her hair... also kinda trying to keep to the same style as before. I kinda destroyed the 'undo' button as I was drawing it though... xD

After the hair, I went a bit crazy with some other details, such as a bow (tied around her waist as a sorta belt thingamajig), drawing a pattern onto the border of the skirt and starting the sketch of the lil' bird.

Oh, and I also tried to fix her face slightly... It took me a while, but I'm much happier with it now.

Anyway, back to the bird. *cracks knuckles*

Tweet tweet.

Okay. So this bird is a part of the Omesae-ordwae-iae-ustjae-ademae-puae family... of the Aves class.

A.K.A: ...I have no idea what type of bird that is. I kinda imagined it to be a half parrot... half bird of paradise.. half... random bird.

*Gasp* Maybe it's a magical one!

I did actually look up a bunch of reference pictures, but then I got bored and decided to just wing it (HA. Puns..). I mean sure, I'll probably make a ornithologist cry if they ever saw this... But after spending far too much time staring at google images and getting distracted on Pinterest, I decided it was slightly better than losing my own sanity. (Or at least what's left of it....)

So yes, if you're an ornithologist, and this makes you cry... Well.. I'm sorry. *hands you a tissue box*

Tweet tweet - The Sequel


I fixed the beak and feathers a smidgeon so it looked a bit more of a... parrot / woodpecker-ish bird.

And that's good enough for me.

(It's still totally a random fantasy bird though.)

So yep! That's all the line art done.... Rather messily, if I was honest, but I'll clean it up a bit later.

For now... time to colour! (WOOT, about time!)

Okay so for this part, I wanted to try something different... Instead of doing a thousand screenshots, and making this blog post even longer-- I'm just gonna record it and speed it up! ('Cos otherwise it'd be ten hours long or something.)

Ta da! (Also, it is now the 9/1/18... this project is officially my longest one ever...) 

Also, I was mildly lazy and didn't put any music to it, mostly because I couldn't decide... (And nearly all the music wasn't long enough anyway.) I have a feeling if I tried to add music, I wouldn't be able to post this until 2019.

If you want my personal instructions on watching the above speed-paint, basically go to youtube to 
watch it (it's better there, trust me xP)-- and find some cool music from your personal playlist to listen to.... Otherwise it'll be extremely boring. xD

For those who rather not watch the video--Here's the finished product-that-took-far-too-long: 

So yep! All done. If you sat through the entire 16 minutes (of the video, not the actual colouring... that took a couple of hours or so), then I congratulate you. Even I wouldn't have the patience to sit through it all. (But if it wasn't my art, then I totally would.) 

*ahem* I think I'll finally sign off on this post... Hope you all had a great New Years! This'll probably be my one and only post for January, seeing as I have to go back to my old home with my family to do some work with the house so we can sell it. So yep. That'll be fun. 

Until next post, fare thee well!


Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Late-November-to-December-ish Art Dump!

Ehem, why do I always leave the intros until the last moment...? 

Oh well.

(P.S- A reply letter to my 'Slightly Younger Self': Aw, you're too kind. I needed that.)

(P.P.S- A letter to my 'Older Self': You're doing okay with art now, mebbe you should practice writing a little more because sheesh. Just like art, writing skills deteriorate over time when not used... But y'know... keep drawing just to keep yourself sane-- I mean what?)

The amount of drawings I have done of Agent Ember Bellucci makes me laugh and cry simultaneously.

Why laugh? (Because why not?) Because there is just so darn many of them.

Why cry? There's so many of them because I can never get her to look like how I see her in my head.

Some of the others just to prove my point:

And these are just the sketches.... I have another bunch of
digital drawings of her around the place.

A treehouse on a magical, floating island.

...Basically my dream home. ;P

Basically ten minutes later:

 (For those of you who *gasp* don't know who that is-- her name is Sabine Wren, she is a Mandolorian, and she is from the TV show 'Star Wars Rebels'... So... yeah. *throws confetti and runs away*)

Introducing my steampunk OC, Soren Halvorsen! 

My sweet, mischevious orphan who makes it her goal in life to make the lives of the wealthy incredibly difficult. Which is... surprisingly easy if you have a mechanical ring that gives you the ability to freeze time... Just sayin'.

One of the rare occasions in which she has her hair up.

Eyyy, look at that-- another OC! (I have way too many, send help.)

A lil' bit about her:

So this is Althea! She's 14 years old and around the 4'9" height range (no shorter than that though xP). She has been apprenticed to the well-known and very skilled healer, Ramona Amaranth, ever since she was four years old. When she isn’t studying medicine or learning the many ways of healing the common cold under her mentor, you’ll most likely find her outside in their secluded garden behind the building, tending to the many, many plants or just reading. She also hates it when people call her 'cute' or 'tiny' to her face.

Just playing around in Krita and this happened... :P 

Looks like a glowy marble or an evil snowglobe. *shrugs*

Sooo yes. That's all of the (good) drawings I've done this month-ish. I have plenty more hiding away in folders that I either never finished or just didn't like how they turned out... But anyways. :P 

I dunno if this is my last post for the year but eh, we'll have to wait and see I guess.

OH YEAH-- IT'S ONLY FIVE DAYS-ISH (if you're an Australian) 'TILL CHRISTMAS GUYS. Hope you all stay safe and have fun during the holidays. <3

Imma go and live in the fridge now. (As of writing this post, it is now 38°C ...and it's potentionally going to get hotter. So yeah. Byeee for now!) 

Merry Christmas!


Thursday, December 7, 2017

✰ The Christmas Tag ✰

So. My little sister decided to start a tag and now, because she tagged me and I'm her sister... I'm now twice as obligated to do it. xP

So yes, without any further ado, onto the post!

Ze Rules

1. Thank whoever nominated you.

2. Answer all questions.

3. Add 21 of your own (questions).  (I can't think of 21 questions! xD)

4. Nominate one/two people only once.

Well, thanks Jas!

Would you rather, real tree or artificial tree?

I think a real one would be really cool... but then again, there's the clean up afterwards...

I dunno, maybe I'm biased because my family has had an artificial tree (the exact same one) for nineteen years now. So yeah, as long as it's green, I'm quite happy for a Christmas tree to be artificial.

What was the weirdest thing you've been given for Christmas?

A can of (sour cream and onion) Pringles in my stocking thing.

Not that I was complaining... :P

Favourite Christmas Carol?

I'm not sure if it counts as a carol... but 'I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day' by Casting Crowns would probably have to be my absolute favourite.

Some honourable mentions are: Feliz Navidad, Little Drummer Boy and Hark The Herald Angels Sing.

Do you have a Christmas family tradition?

Ooooh. Mum loves to get us kids a new Christmas decoration each, for when we move out and get our very own Christmas tree. ^-^

This year, my special decoration was a lil' house that is just so cute, aghh.

So cuuuuuuute.

From 1-10 how would you rate the year?


Eh.... I'd give it a 5/10.

Way better than last year though... I rate that one a 2/10 all up.

Favourite Christmas joke?

Er... I dunno?

I kinda had to cheat just now to look some up, and to be honest I didn't think any of them were really all that hilarious. I guess my sense of humour is just more based around cleverly placed puns and sarcasm these days. xP

Do you like the smell of cinnamon candles? (if you don't... well..I guess that's fine but man, you're missing out!)

To me, scented candles are just another thing that gets me really confused. ("Mmm, smells like some one is baking a cake-- oh wait. it's just another candle.")

So... yeah. I don't really care much for scented candles in general. (Sorry to disappoint.)

Would you rather gift bags or wrapping paper?

Wrapping paper. All the time. :P

Favourite Christmas movie?

I really like the Muppet version of 'A Christmas Carol'.

The amount of comedy, random singing, and fourth-wall-breaking was perfect, in my opinion.

(Go and watch it :P) 

Would you rather a small group of friends and family for Christmas or the whole family?

Ooh. I don't know. Do you mean 'whole family' as in, the entire family? That'd be... interesting.

We've had a lot of years so far when it's just been two families visiting (at the very most), so I guess that counts as the first option... Hm...

I think it'd be kinda nice to have the entire family over for Christmas just once.. Where on earth we'd put them all, I have no clue... But maybe if it was just for one day it'd be do-able.

*Ahem* But in the long run, I'd prefer the small group of people. Y'know... Being my lil' introverted self and all.

Funny Christmas story?

One time when I was a tiny kiddo, I found one of the presents with Dad's name on it and so I gave it to him... not knowing it was lollies. When he opened it I saw the lollies and apperantly I just went up to him and started saying--innocently but also earnestly-- that we should share.

Sharing is caring after all. ;P

Direct quote is, "We share! We share!" while also gesturing like a mad woman. (Because approximentaly 14-16 years later, my family still won't let me forget it... And Dad also got it on video.)

On a scale of 1-10 how do you rate the Christmas lights around your area?


There's this one guy who really goes all out with the Christmas lights (and they are sooo pretty to look at) but the rest of the area nearest our house doesn't really bother... considering most of the houses have super long driveways and are hidden from the road anyway.

(*cough* Not that it matters very much *cough*)

Who do you think has it harder during the holidays? The kids or the parents?

The parents... Definitely.

Think about it... SPOILER WARNING-- Highlight empty space to keep reading:

Considering Santa isn't real and delivering presents in his sleigh, that means it's up to the parents to...

a) Find, buy, hide and wrap the presents...

b) Teach the kids the true meaning of Christmas and help them understand the whole gift-giving thing...

c) Help plan the family reunions and then deal with having a whole heap more people in the home than what's normal...

d) Deal with whatever else needs to be done at that time of year (taxes, health related stuff, the kid's end of year school stuff (if they go to school *cough cough*), and so on)...

e) Not to mention they also have to deal with the whole commercialization of Christmas...

So yeah. I really think the parents have it harder than the kiddos.

Favourite Christmas dinner?

Any Christmas dinner is fine with me, as long as it's not cold ham and a thousand different salads ever again. :P

Best Childhood present? (ever)

Egh.. Why did this question have to say 'childhood'? xD I can't really remember that far back so...

The best one I can think of (that I remember) is the beautiful pocket watch that my older brother gave me. He took it to a jewellers to have my name engraved on it (in Gallifreyan! Because I'm a crazy Doctor Who fan.)

So yep, I thought it was really, really awesome and thoughtful gift. xD

Do you like gingerbread? Why or why not?

I like it.

I don't know why.

Someone help.

Are you excited for this new year?

Yes and no.

Reasons why not: We've got a scary thing coming up that would be kinda bad if it doesn't get done. Annnnd not related to the scary thing, I'm also turning Eighteen in March. Yay... Adulthood... *dies *

Reasons why yes: Who knows what great opportunities could suddenly pop up.

But yeah, a lot of things could go downhill, on the other, things might stay calm. Only God knows. :P

PHEW. That's done.

I think I shall tag... KendraQuinleyJane and MiddleEarthMusician!

Because I'm such a rebel with the tagging-people rules.

Here are your questions. ^-^

What’s the best thing that’s happened to you since last Christmas?

What's your top-three favourite Christmas Carols?

What was your best Christmas ever? Why?

Funny Christmas story?

Tinsel or no tinsel on your Christmas tree?

What’s the most meaningful Christmas gift you’ve ever received?

What was the most appreciated Christmas gift you’ve ever given?

What was your favourite Christmas tradition as a child?

What is your favourite Christmas tradition now?

What do you do to try to keep Christ in Christmas?

Are you excited for this new year?

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Random Childhood Story Time!

OR, alternatively—

"That One Time I May Have Used My Younger Sister For A Experiment."

Now when you read that title, your first thought might be one of me standing over my sister while wearing one of those laboratory coats and laughing maniacally as lightning strikes behind me for extra drama.

If that was you, then thanks for the vote of confidence, buddy.

If not...

Well, good. Because that's not what happened. :P

What did happen was in that in that strange, strange time in which we shared a room; My sis would always fall asleep before I did.

One particular night while I lay awake in bed, pondering the best ways for my (now very old) MC to completely destroy the villain... I somehow hopped onto the "magical abilities" train-of-thought. Furthermore, the ability to control someone's dream just by speaking to them while they slept.

"But hold on," My smol-self thought to my-smol-self. "Can't that be done in real life already?"

After a while, the curiosity overwhelmed me, and I stealthily climbed down from the top bunk bed to test my theory. Somehow I made it safely across the scary floor of traps n' toys to my lil' sister's bed and I gave her a slight poke to make sure she was actually asleep before I began my 'experiment'.

First, I began intense— starting off with a cyclone/nightmare scenario thing (ugh. I know... how mean of me right.). As I acted out all the parts, I watched her closely for any reaction.

"CRASH—BOOM—LIGHTNING!" *claps hands together rapidly to make up for lame sound effects*

No reaction. So I stepped it up a notch. Time to add some frightened people running for safety.

*Changes voice slightly* "AHH NO, It's a big ol' scary cyclone!!" 

*Higher pitched* "Run for your lives!! AHH!"

I glanced down at my sister's face to see the same peaceful expression. Still nothing?? Welp. Time to add myself.

"ACK— Jas! Wait for me!!" *coughs dramatically ('cos in a cyclone I kinda imangined there to be a whole lot of water)* "The cyclone is catching up, AHH!"

At this point I should probably mention that I have never in my entire life been in a cyclone... I was basically just running on my own imagination as to what it might be like.

Upon noticing that still had no effect on her, I grabbed her hand and tried again.

"AH, FLOOD! HELP!" I flopped on the ground beside her bed, wincing as one of the toys stuck into my back. Not my best idea, but being the crazy actress I was, I continued onwards, pulling her hand tightly. "DON'T LET GO JAS!!" I cried out (quietly, because I didn't want to attract the attention of Mum and Dad) in what seemed to be my best performance yet.

..And then it happened; she stirred.

My dear little sister woke up just enough to pull her hand out of my own and give me a look of utter confusion before turning over to face the wall. Instantly falling back asleep with the most innocent look on her face.


Now I'm not sure if at that stage I decided to just call it quits out of sheer failure, or because I was tired, but I did. I let out a sigh of defeat and climbed back into my own bed. Turns out that kind of stuff doesn't work after all.

Looking back, I'm really glad it didn't work. Because that would mostly imply that superpowers existed... and that I ended up with the most useless one of all. (Oh, and I probably would've freaked my sister out as well too, I guess.)


And so yeah... That's the closest I've ever come to becoming an evil scientist!

The End.

(Note: Yes, this did actually happen... While I'm not exactly proud of doing it, I couldn't help but giggle when I remembered... Still can't believe that my-smol-self thought that it might actually work. We were fairly little back then too, so I did have to exagerate on some details.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November Art Dump. Woot.

*flops in*

Hey everyone-- how's Nano going for y'all?

*glances at word count and winces* Mine's going fabulously.

Okay-okay-okay, I'm kidding. Nano's going okay in the sense I'm not freaking out about actually reaching the 50,000 word goal. ('Cos guess what? It's exactly that: A goal. I'm not gonna die if I don't reach it :P All I'm really doing is trying to at least write consistantly for a month.) 

So yes, instead, here's what I did when I wasn't trying to scrape together a plot, or a decent paragraph of words that made sense!

(*gasp* You guessed it! Art! Although some of these are actually from late October to now.)

(P.S A reply letter to my 'Slightly Younger Self': Eh, I tried. Probably more so with the 'more interesting poses' thing. Oh well :P)

(P.P.S- A letter to mah 'Older Self': 'Sup. I don't feel like yelling at you today. That is all. Have a good day.)

A random portrait because I wanted to practice different expressions.

More expression practice but this time with Brinley! I have a few more of her but I didn't manage to finish them, sadly.

I was just messing around on krita when this happened. Needless to say, I now wish I had a really flowy cloak too. :P 


I actually made this one while following along with a youtube tutorial, (because how else was I supposed to learn this sorta stuff? ;D) and yeah, I think it turned out okay.

And yes, she is about to go and stabby-stab her enemies. They probably hurt one of her friends, or a family member and she's just like; "Oh, you're doing what now? Okay. You're going down." 

I won't lie-- this one is probably my most favourite thing that I've ever created... 



*faints from happiness*

It's like I'm Ms Frizzle's long lost cousin or something.

And lastly, have at ye a random self-portrait that I've been wanting to attempt forever, but being far too lazy. Well! I conquered that laziness, and here it is. Hooray. xP

Personally I think my hair is a bit darker than that, but Mum kept commenting that it needed to be lighter... So uh... I don't know how accurate it is? xD

And that's all the art for this time folks!

I'm going to go and face-plant into the couch now. Byee!


Tuesday, October 31, 2017

The Blue Sky Tag :: Part Two??

Oh hello. We're back here again! Funny how that happens..

Ahem, anyway. Here are the rules...

Thank the person who tagged you.
Answer their 11 questions.
Tag 11 people.
Give them 11 new questions.

So yes, thank you MiddleEarthMusician :D

1. Do you like chocolate?

Yes I do, but not in large quantities. ^-^

2. If you had to choose between being a ninja or a super hero, which one would you pick?



(Coming from a person who has just recently seen 'Spiderman: Homecoming' and is sometimes referred to as a 'ninja'.) 

I loooooove the idea of both but I feel like a superhero would have a ton more responsibilty and publicity (good and bad) while the ninja can just fade into the background, go on with their life and so forth...

So while superpowers would be amazing (specifically the power of flight and invisibility)... I think I'll have to go with being a ninja.

Mostly 'cos there's more skills involved annnnnnd being a superhero sounds super stressful.

It's okay though, I'm more than happy to be someone's sidekick and make sure the real hero doesn't get themselves killed. *shrug*

3. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being the lowest and 10 the highest): rate fireplaces.


Fireplaces are a good way to keep warm in winter (and autumn sometimes) and are immensely pleasing to watch at night. I mean, have you ever just sat there and watched the flames dance around? It's so pretty.

The reason I didn't rate it a 10/10 (which I actually did consider) is mostly because of the wood collecting part... But eh, it's better than freezing. :P

4. What is your favorite time of day?

Oooh tricky.

Probably the time around 3 PM to 5PM.. Basically the free-time zone in which I can resume my own projects until needed to assist with dinner. (Aside from the occasional chore thrown in every now and then.)

5. Are you more introverted or extroverted?

*squints at the four percent* How'd you get there?

This is from the last time I took the myer-briggs personality test, annnnnd.... basically I am a very introvert-y introvert it seems.

6. If you had to choose between going to Paris or Cairo, where would you go?


MEM, I applaud you. This is the fourth time in one post where I've had to actually think about an answer for more than five minutes...

They both sound so cool... But considering that -realistically- I'd much rather stay at home, and that this question is implying that I have to go to one of these two destinations (or else the world will explode, perhaps.) then I guess I'll head over to Paris for a while.

Just since there is a small part of me that wants to see the Eiffel Tower one day, and that I know a tiny smidgen of French that might help me out with getting to places and so on.

7. What is your favorite drink? (No, you may not choose water. ;-D)

No water? Dangit...

Okay so, my favourite Winter beverage is usually peppermint or some other normal tea and my favourite Summer beverage is currently the fruit cup cordial with ice...

But they both only really happen if I'm bored of just having water and if I'm feeling particularly adventurous.

8. Black or White?

Ack nu... I think I'll have to go with black just since I find white can be a bit too jarring sometimes... and boring. There are a lot of exceptions though. (far too many to go through and explain xD)

Now if you had asked me if I preferred darkness or light, we'd be having a different discussion. ;P (Except not really 'cos I'd just choose both. Light doesn't really stand out all that much if there's no darkness...) 

9. If you had to choose to either write for the rest of your life, or draw for the rest of your life, which would you pick?

Ahhh, darn. Not this question again... (I assume this means writing as in novels? T'would be quite tragic if I was never able to write write again..)

Okay, so I'd pick drawing... 'cos I just feel more creative while doing that... Plus I can still technically create a graphic novel.. only that it would have no words.

10. Dogs or cats?

Er... Neither?

I'm not really sure where I stand on that.. I sorta like both but not enough to say for sure.

They're both great depending on the individual animal's personality, and if I see one at someone's house then zoop-- off I go to see if they'll be my new animal friend.

But really, I'm just more of a bird person.

11. Favorite current song. 

While I must thank you for using the words 'current' and 'favourite' together (seriously, thank you-- that narrows it down so much xD), I must also give you two songs. (Because I am incapable of choosing just one, it seems.)

'Song of My Father' By Urban Rescue and,

'Mango Breeze' by Vexento and Allison.

They're both very nice and relaxing.

Aaaaaaalrighty, I believe that's all the questions done.

So, I'm going to tag Jane! Yay! (As well as anyone else who wants to do it! I'd love to read it if you did ^-^)

Okay, here are your questions:

1. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
2. What sorts of things make you laugh?
3. If you had to live in a time period different than the present, which would you choose and where?
4. What’s your favourite instrument?
5. How would you react if somebody replied with “K”?
6. If you were stuck on a deserted island and you could only bring one thing, what would it be, and why?
7. If you had to choose between being a ninja or a super hero, which one would you pick? (Totally stealing MEM's question, I know, but it was far too good not to pass on!)
8. If you could have dinner with any 3 people (dead or alive), who would they be?
9. Is there a hobby/skill that you’ve always wanted to try but never did?
10. What's the worst (or best, depending how you look at it) pun you can think of?
11. Think of a person. What song do you associate with them?

Sunday, October 8, 2017

And here we are yet again :D (October Art Dump)

The title pretty much says all. :P 

(P.S A reply letter to 'Slightly Younger Self' from August: What are these 'hands' you speak write of? I wasn't aware there was such a thing.... Sounds like it'd be annoying. (Okay-- Yes, I may be in denial over the fact that hands need to be drawn.) As for poses... ugh.)

(P.P.S- A letter to 'Older Self': DRAW MORE INTERESTING POSES... Also: Finish plotting your WIP already-- it's almost November.)

(P.P.P.S- A letter to my readers: I do apologize if you think I'm weird for leaving letters to my future self... and then also replying to myself, when I become said future-self.... It brings me great entertainment :P)


To be honest... I kinda surprised myself with this one. I was just scribbling away on my laptop (using sketchpad) when I thought.. Ohey, I haven't tried using the highlighter yet... I wonder what they do-- WOAH.

Turns out the highlighter goes under the pen! And the colours blend together! JUST LIKE MAGIC!! (Okay, maybe not 'just like magic' but pfft, you know what I mean.) And then that led onto another drawing... (Annnnnnd because I also liked the colour scheme thing I had going with her hair...)

For funsies... annnnnd 'cos I had to make sure I wasn't just dreaming the whole thing. (While also adding in the pencil colours because the highlighter's colour range was rather unfortuantly scant.)

 *Ahem* But anyway. None of this really mattered much the very next week, since by that time I finally managed to get krita to work once more!!

Blue hair because reasons.

This was my "YAAAAYYY KRITA-- [the art program I use]-- IS FINALLY WORKING AGAIN-- MWAHAHAHA" drawing.. xP

Quickly followed by: (because I wanted to make sure the first one wasn't just a fluke...)

EMBER AGAIN! :D (and yay, it wasn't a fluke!) Seriously though... I don't know how many drawings I've done of Ember to date... not including the ones I've done of her in my sketch book. She's pretty much one of my most difficult characters to draw consistantly... (even now, I think I kinda messed up her hair colour slightly..)

Another unamed character... I really liked drawing and colouring in her hair and all in all, the picture turned out surprisingly better than I thought it would. ^-^

I've been wanting to trying something a little more (okay, a lot more) different than what I usually draw.... (*cough* people *cough*) So obviously I had to draw a lamp... in a tree... with sparkles and fireflies. 

All the glowing things. ^-^

So yep, that concludes this (remarkably) short post of my random art. (...Mostly because I couldn't manage to draw anything else that could top the fantasy-lantern :P) 

Byeeee for now!