Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If you could have been anyone in history... Who would you be?

This is something I actually did a long while ago...  Waaaaaaaay before we moved I think. So anyway I just thought it would be nice to have it on my blog instead of hiding in a dark, creepy folder on the computer. So here it is....

'If I could have been anyone in history I would have been Lei Zu the Chinese Empress. I think she was cool because she was Empress and if I were her, I would have been the first person to discover silk.
Lei Zu discovered silk when she was sitting under her mulberry tree quietly drinking her tea. Suddenly PLOP!  A small white bundle was floating in her tea. Lei Zu picked it up, it was a silkworm cocoon and the thread that was wrapped around it started to unravel. Lei Zu stood up and started to walk around the garden unravelling the cocoon all the way until there was no more thread around the silkworm, she did this a few more times with the help of her maid. Then she called for her royal dresser “Can you weave this thread into cloth?” Lei Zu asked “I have never seen threads like these!” the royal dresser exclaimed, she took the thread away and wove it into cloth that shone like water in the sunlight, and Lei Zu made a robe for her husband Huang Di. History tells us that when he saw it he was so impressed that he said, “From now on we shall call this silk, and no one but the royal family shall wear it.”

So that is why if I was anyone in history, I would have been Lei Zu.'   

(Mum wrote this part..)
Lei Zu was a woman who had imagination and foresight to see that silk worm cocoons weren't just a gross little bundle of fibres. She questioned and investigated a possibility and came up with a fabric that would be considered lovely throughout history. She contributed to Chinese culture.


  1. "hiding in a dark, creepy folder" *laughs* *Falls onto floor* *gets up again, and types this* You did another post! I have no idea who I would be If I could be someone....

    1. hehehehe :-)... Yep... if I haven't done a blog post for a while, I go hunting in the dark, creepy folders :D.

  2. WELL, it seems that all the historical leaders/explorers e.g. DIED. So, I'm not too sure either, perhaps a Francis Drake, or Harry Vardon.