Friday, November 22, 2013

A Really Cool Paint Tutorial Thingy

So while I was mucking around on Paint (On the computer) I actually made something somewhat cool and considering I hardly ever write a blog post I thought I should write up a tutorial... Right... Here it comes...

1. Open up your Paint. I think this would also work with Photoshop but I often get really lost there.. So this tutorial shall be in Paint.

2. Begin with the colour black... If you absolutely despise black you may use a different dark colour.

3. Next, select the polygon tool.

4. Now, you may begin drawing lines. The first line, you will have to click and drag to where you want it to go.. After that first line, you can just click it where you want it.

5. Click, click, click! Keep on clickin' until you are happy with your shape!

6. Now you can start colouring! Select the "Fill" tool, choose your first colour and then colour away!

7. Try not to allow two same colours to touch, that kind of ruins the effect in some ways.

8. Running out of colours yet? A simple-ish way to fix that is to double-click on the colours, then click on the "Define custom colours" and it will take you to this cool little menu.

9. When you finished colouring it in, select black (Or your other colour), move your mouse away from the rainbow of colours and to the white-ness and..... CLICK!

10.  Not bad eh? If your not so sure about that one.....

11. And..... RIGHT CLICK! Personally I like the white version better.. But it depends how you want it really. You could have.....

11a. Black!

11b. White!

11c. Or even a brown-ish red!

Basically you could have any sort of colour you want as a background... Anyway, this is the end of the tutorial so... Enjoy! 


  1. Cool idea, I recon it would look even better if you used a bit more colour coordination, like all the same shades or maybe less colours.

  2. Yeah I was thinking that too...