Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Heat Rant disguised as Poetry

O blasted heat,
Why does thou come now?!
 Why not give us a rest from the
 sweat on our brow?

O blasted heat,
Why now? This awful heat isn't at all a treat..
 Could we please have some rain?
Only if it isn't to much strain....

O blasted heat,
Go away, go away!
I don't think I could take this for another day...
Oh if only we could go to the bay...

O blasted heat,
Where is chill and thrill of winter?
Where is the snow, snowmen and ice lakes?
And what happened to my ice-y cream cakes?
Oh right.You melted them.

O blasted heat,
     Truly, I didn't mean it...
I much prefer swimming than ice-skating,
I very much rather building sand castles than debating this with you.

O blasted heat,
You still think you're so cool.
Maybe you could drop down a few degrees?
To nineteen or twenty-ish please!

O blasted heat,
This is me,
Thanking you.



(Heheh I couldn't help putting the "Ah choo" at the end, It just happens I sneezed right then.)


  1. Sorry to disappoint you but it is only spring so shall get even hotter and it wont snow here not even in winter :D You made me laugh, tis good. Wait the poem and laughter not the heat or the smoke! Especially nice to read as I sit in the lounge room with the air con on.

  2. Spring!?
    Only Spring!? *Faints*

    hehe and thank you very much!

  3. hmmm and I am also thinking about changing my Blog's template to a snowy theme to make me feel much cooler.....Just to see if it helps much.....

  4. Hehe, you reckon it's hot down there?! Try the NT... :)

    1. Is it really much hotter up there?! Poor you :(