Thursday, February 18, 2016

For the first time in forever.... A BLOG POST!

So I've been working on this thing-a-ma-bob for a while now, couple of weeks.. Maybe a month? Gosh,  I dunno any more.

Anyway, after finding a really cool head (drawing) tutorial on Pinterest, I decided to give it a go for myself...

Everything was going really well and I started to  try and decide which story character of mine to use as a reference for hair and facial expressions...
See? So far so good...

And then, with a story character already in mind, I got to work on the fringe and then noticing how it looked like a fairly well known Disney Princess (Need I say more?) instead of my intended character, I guess you could say my pencil slipped with wanting to experiment with the similarities further...

Well darn...

Nevertheless, I quickly got over my disappointment in letting my pencil slip so much that it -in the end- looked nothing like my own character and decided to 'Sharpie-fy' the drawing. (So that I could trace and colour it in GIMP.)


Traced... Wait-a-minute, is that even a word?

So far, so good... Until I tried to add some colour to it, that is.

After a few many failed attempts of getting Elsa's complexion just right (I kept getting the colours too red/pink, too dark, too pale... etc) I pretty much gave up, knowing I hadn't even touched the shadowing part and that would be waaaaaaay too much stuff to do.

But I did it anyway and was left with 24 layers of lines, colours, shadowing and random other stuff I did that I can't remember... 24 LAYERS! Yeah, it was a bit overkill. (For me anyway.)

But then I had a lovely idea... Why not make it into a silhouette? So much more easier to do -not to mention I might have a bit more fun since I haven't tried that for a long, long, time.

So having made up my mind to go with that idea instead, and with a lovely playlist of violin music blasting through my headphones (Specifically Lindsey Stirling's violin music) I got to work...

First, I made yet another tracing of Elsa's head and hair shape... Although a bit more carelessly, this time.

Then I had to fill it in with the same colour...

Next, I added a darker blue background... Smudging together different types of blue shades so it didn't have a solid colour look to it.

Deciding that the solid coloured blob known as Elsa's silhouetted head was a bit boring by itself, I chosen a random texture brush that looked a bit like ice and went crazy.
And then for the final touch, I found a fancy font off the internet and wrote the words "Let it Go" in her head for no reason other than it would look nice.

To be honest... It turned out much better than I thought it would. So that's nice...


  1. WOW A POST really nice there, I do like the silhouette and the words make it look good, it looks kinda... um..I dunno the right word, professional... very nice anyway.

  2. No threats, no nothing, and yet a blog post appears. You've really nailed this business, Sarah! Cool picture. :D

    1. Yeah, I'm gonna try and aim for at least one post each month (maybe do more if I feel inspired)... and thanks! :)

  3. Very good Sarah. :D Loving watching your artistic talent grow!

  4. Wow, this is so awesome! I think I know the tutorial you used for her face...I've tried it too, and I liked it!:) I love the finished project, awesome job!:D

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Yeah, to this day it's probably still mah favourite head-tutorial out there :D Thanks for commenting!