Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Lovely Blog Tag... Tag.

Well... I must admit that at first I wasn't going to do this but there was a threat I couldn't ignore. Yes, I'm looking directly at you Jane! Threats aside, I suppose I should thank you for tagging me so... Thanks, I guess :)

Yeah... I was a bit bored earlier so I thought I may as well make one myself.

The Rules:

1. Write seven fun facts about yourself.

2.Tag fifteen other lovely blogs.

Fif-wait... Fifteen!? Ahahahahahahaha... Nope. Sorry, I'm pretty sure that I don't know/read that many blogs!

On to the facts!

Fun Fact Number The First:

My train of thought is really, really weird at times... Especially late at night.

For instance, a couple of nights ago, while I was trying to sleep, I noticed that there was a light shining from underneath my closed door... My very first thought was this:

Huh. Seems door's design is malfunctioning... Better later fix.* 

It took me a minute later to realize that my door's design was in fact completely fine and that the light shining under it was just the hallway light that had been left on... I thought that was a bit funny afterwards.

(*: And yes... That was how I meant to write it)

Fun Fact Number The Second:

2.A) I can never draw the left eye as well as the right one... EVER.

2.B) My artwork seems to have improved a bit since I was around 10-ish years old. So that's always a nice thing...

From this....
To this... Yay!
It seems that so far, adding colour is a major improvement!

Fun Fact Number The Third: 

I own eleven white feathered/orange beaked Alsebury x Pekin Ducks and three multi-coloured Purebred (I hope) Call Ducks! The names of the ones I can remember (or actually have a name, if you prefer) are Albert, Abigail, Nosey, Limpy, Nibbles, Buddy, Princess, Babycino, Espresso and little duckling Chai... They are all very cute.

I also have four two budgies.. One named Crumpets and the other is named Frodo Baggins! I used to have another budgie named Samwise Gamgee but he flew back home (No, I don't think Frodo told him to). The other two budgies are sadly not mine even though I feed them and make sure they don't die... Moving on!

Fun Fact Number The Fourth:

I can play the clarinet which is quite fun.. Well, when it doesn't squeak anyway. I'm also learning the violin which is pretty cool.

Fun Fact Number The Fifth: 

*Pant* Almost there... *Pant*

I am a Divergent Time Lord Hobbit and Agent of SHIELD of the Rebellion... Or if you prefer, I'm a crazy geek for a lot of things, including, but not limited to: (In no particular order after Doctor Who)

Doctor Who,

Star Wars,

The Ranger's Apprentice and Brotherband,

Agents of SHIELD,

Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit,

The Princess Bride,

The Chronicles of Narnia,

Pirates Of The Caribbean...

annnnnnnd.... Well, I did say "not limited to", right?

Fun Fact Number The Sixth:

If given the chance, I would happily wear medieval or pirate styled clothes for the rest of my life. Even if it's a dress... *Gasp*

Fun Fact Number The Seventh:

Okay last one! Uhm...

I am not looking forward to learning how to drive, however useful it may become!

Done... Yay! Alright so... Tagging time...

My brother Zach at Zach's Abode (Because your blog looks lovely :D ) and CJR at CJR Odyssey (Because you seriously need to do another post and because your blog is also lovely)

Well... It's not fifteen but it's two more closer then zero!

See ya next post! (In however many months that will be...)


  1. Quite a nice picture you have made there!Eyes are horrible to draw.

  2. I'm so, so sorry...except I'm not! :D Finally, I found a threat that works!
    My art (if I actually bother to see if I've improved) still looks like yours from when you were ten-ish...worse actually...I like your signature thing!
    'Seems door's design is malfunctioning' sounds like something I'd think. :D

    1. Yeah, I suppose so.. You might want to use it sparingly though, otherwise it will lose its effect! Oh, and I know this sounds cliche but practice really does work...
      That and a few hundred tutorials! And thanks :D

    2. He he he...yeah, no. I couldn't be bothered to practice. :)

    3. Which is why your art looks like it does :D

    4. Meh...I was lucky to be born without the art skill. :)