Thursday, November 6, 2014

Baby Call Ducks!

Four months and not counting anymore! Why? Because here is another Blog post! Yay!

Anyway, to the point, I finally got my baby call ducks... introducing... Mocha and Latte!

They super friendly and sweet and love a good cuddle. I can't think of any other way to describe them so:

"I love them, they love me, we're a happy family.
I give them great big hugs and they kiss me on the nose. Don't you dare say I don't love those."

Ahem. Anyway, all this affection from these babies is quite tiring considering most of the chicks, ducklings and baby quail we raise usually don't like me very much. Don't get me wrong, I love them heaps! It's just a bit hard to type, or do my school work for that matter, while both ducklings are having a nap in my hands.

They love bouncing. Last night, whenever I needed to step away from the box they were living in to get them something like food or refresh their water, I would have to exit the room backwards. This was so that if they decided to jump out of their box and on to my desk or the floor I would at least be there to put them back in (So far they have both missed the desk and ended up on the floor, the poor things). After a while of watching the babies trying to jump out I ended up having to station a guard to watch and comfort them in my place. Finally, I came up with the (now) obvious solution of giving them a roof. Doh!
In case you were wondering, Call Ducks are basically like the chihuahua's of the duck world, except without the buggy eyes...
Not to mention that the fact that when they are a bit older, these babies will be able to fly. That's why I am 'working so hard' on this imprinting business... and I'll have to remember to clip their wings (Oh, what fun!).


  1. Ah they are so cute, lucky duckies to have a mummy like you! Clipping wings is never nice.... but necessary. and wait for it YOU DID A POST FINALLY!

  2. That is the cutest thing I've ever seen....except for puppies.... but it's close! :) Nice job Sarah!