Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scientists of Old

Just a few of the first scientists and what they did.....

Thales = Was one of the first scientists.

Democritus = Ancient Greek scientist who believed in atoms.

Aristotle = Championed the idea of spontaneous regeneration and is responsible for it being believed so long.

Ptolemy = Proposed the geocentric system.

Grosseteste = Was considered to be the first modern scientist.

Copernicus = Proposed the heliocentric.

Galileo = Collected much data in favour of the heliocentric but was forced to recant belief in it by the Church.

 Newton = One of the greatest scientist of all time, he laid down the laws of motion, developed the law of universal gravity and invented calculus.

Lavoisier = Discovered the Law of Mass Conservation.

Dalton = Developed the first detailed atomic theory and became known as the founder of the modern atomic theory.

Darwin = Destroyed the idea of immutability (unable to change or mutate) of species.

Mendel = Determined how traits are passed on during reproduction.

James Clerk Maxwell = Founder of Modern Physics.

Joule = Demonstrated the first law of Thermodynamics.

Einstein = Had two theories of relativity and was big in quantum mechanics.

Bohr = Is best known for his model of the atom. It was named after him and revealed many of the atoms mysteries.

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