Monday, June 17, 2013

Eshyad so far....

Country Name: Eshyad

Flag: Burgandy with White and Brass crossing swords.

Athem: "Come And Join Us"

     Language Sample: Shi = She/her, Yhi = He/him, Tyi = It, Aza = They, Erza = Them.

Fashion: Greek for style and Indian and Persian for colours. (It's called Grindsian! Just joking)

Legends: Maple and Robyn (I'm trying to make a book about their story.) and Benjamin Booker.

Races: Men, Akkadian (Akkadians were the very first race on Eshyad.) and Elves.

Current King: King Benjamin Booker I.

Benjamin's short history : A 21 year old artist in the real world was sent to another world by his crazy scientific uncle. Benjamin found himself in Eshyad where he saved the people from an evil plot to start an all-out war that was sure to kill anyone and everyone just to start a new world (While also trying to find a way home). After saving the people he married the beautiful Akkadian princess who had helped him out all that time. When he married the princess he had married into the royal family, hence, he was the next king. He was successor to King Mahuai IV. That's how he became King.

Current Queen: Queen Vera.

Vera's short history: Vera (sadly) had no evil uncle who sent her to a strange world, she was instead, born in the royal family. She was about 20 years old when she had first met Benjamin and fallen in love with him. As he was crusading all over Eshyad, she was pleading with her father to stop the idea of war. Benjamin and Vera succeeded together, shortly afterwards they married and ruled the land with grace and peace. Vera and Benjamin took no action in anything whatsoever until they had consulted with one another. ( Much like Theodora and Justinian of Constantinople)

*Edit: It turns out there is already something called "Akkadian" so.... Dang... I will have to think up some thing else.

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