Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Art Project Diary (Bird Girl) AKA: The Struggle is Very Much Real

Okay, so! This is just basically me documenting my thoughts as I do an art project of some sort. (Or in other words, my further descent into insanity)

Kinda like a diary, I guess!

To be honest I was thinking of doing more of an info/tutorial thing where I would explain what I was doing and why I was doing it, but then I realised that I pretty much have no idea what I'm actually doing half the time...

So, er. Random thoughts it is. :D

And uh, this post may be riddled with sarcasm... So you know... *waves arms around* Beware the sarcasm.

Right. Put on your seat belts folks...This is gonna be a crazy ride.


Since I couldn't decided which one out of the three last "good" sketches I had to colour, I let my little sister do the honours and so ended up with this one. (Not that I'm complaining or anything... Quite relieved actually.)

Okay... So the hair lines were a bit harder to trace than originally planned but it turned out better than imagined so that's always nice...

Note to self: Do more braids.... Fun!

Yay! On to the colouring now.

Ahaha... So brother dearest came along behind me and informed me the image was to small to have nice non-pixelated lines when enlarged... Aha..

Thanks bro.

So I decided to save the picture, open a new thingy, make the image much bigger and re-trace everything. ..In a different colour just so I could tell the difference between the layers :)

Haha.. Ha... Moving on.

Ooooh.... Apparently making the previous lines slightly transparent helps!

I felt pretty happy with everything (but the skirt) and so, leaving some notes for myself that pretty much meant absolutely nothing, I pressed save and turned my computer off for the night.

What could possibly go wrong?



Apparently this could go wrong.

Note to self: When saving a beloved art project..... REMEMBER TO SAVE IT IN THE RIGHT FORMAT. This way, you can still access all the layers you made!

Annnnnnd we are back to square.. er, eight. Again. *sobs*


'How's it going?' you ask?

Yah. Good.

Just... Wonderful :)

(Don't worry, this just happens a lot, trust me)


I had decided that I didn't really like the position of the belt and so lowered it a bit, and then I couldn't really decide whether I should change the skirt or no...Eh, I'll fix it later if it gets too annoying.


*Sigh* You'd think...  I'd learn... But no; I forgot to save again.


Haha... I opened the wrong one. Hehe, It's okay everyone. No heart attacks for today!

*Curls up in a blanket like a burrito and cries tears of relief*

Note: I told you I would be writing pretty much what goes on in my head as I do this project!

Time to start colouring!

Erm, okay... Oops.

That was kinda not meant to happen. (No, it's not because I forgot how to change the lines to black, what are ye talking about.*)

Hmm... I guess for now, she can be a Sci-Fi alien for now... At least until I figure out how to fix it. :)

(*It was actually)


AHAHAHAHAHA. Guess what.

I still have no idea what I'm doing...

Okay, So I've pretty much given up all hope of making this girl look like a normal human being, so I'm just gonna roll with it... (Besides, she's blue... Mah favourite colour. :D )


Considering I started writing this post on the 11/7/16... And it is now the 3/11/17...The struggle is indeed real. (Talk about a plot twist... Bet y'all didn't expect that.)


*chucks ye olde project over shoulder*

*cue explosion*

I'm starting the whole thing again! (Well... sorta.)

(Oooh wow, my krita set-up has changed heaps o-o)

*ahem* Anyway, I restarted with a simple sketch... and decided not to try and redo the pose so it looked mostly like the previous attempt... ('cos if I was honest with myself, that one kinda sucked and my more recent attempts dictated to me that I couldn't get the side-profile-look right xD)

So yah, after that I went ahead and started tracing over it in black.... completely forgetting I hadn't drawn the face yet.

I also decided to change the arms' position... Because otherwise they were just flopping by her sides and that's boring. :P

Note to self: Don't forget to draw the face.

Oh yeah, drawing the rest of the skirt might be handy to remember as well. Basically I just resized the canvas and then dragged the layers up to make room for the rest of the dress.

Woot. Done the face.... sorta. On a scale of one to ten, I'm not particulary sure with how happy I am with it, so I might come back a bit later and redraw some features, who knows.

I'm pretty happy with the dress. It more or less resembles what I had drawn for the other one, while also adding my own little flourishes. Kinda.

So then I went ahead and drew in her hair... also kinda trying to keep to the same style as before. I kinda destroyed the 'undo' button as I was drawing it though... xD

After the hair, I went a bit crazy with some other details, such as a bow (tied around her waist as a sorta belt thingamajig), drawing a pattern onto the border of the skirt and starting the sketch of the lil' bird.

Oh, and I also tried to fix her face slightly... It took me a while, but I'm much happier with it now.

Anyway, back to the bird. *cracks knuckles*

Tweet tweet.

Okay. So this bird is a part of the Omesae-ordwae-iae-ustjae-ademae-puae family... of the Aves class.

A.K.A: ...I have no idea what type of bird that is. I kinda imagined it to be a half parrot... half bird of paradise.. half... random bird.

*Gasp* Maybe it's a magical one!

I did actually look up a bunch of reference pictures, but then I got bored and decided to just wing it (HA. Puns..). I mean sure, I'll probably make a ornithologist cry if they ever saw this... But after spending far too much time staring at google images and getting distracted on Pinterest, I decided it was slightly better than losing my own sanity. (Or at least what's left of it....)

So yes, if you're an ornithologist, and this makes you cry... Well.. I'm sorry. *hands you a tissue box*

Tweet tweet - The Sequel


I fixed the beak and feathers a smidgeon so it looked a bit more of a... parrot / woodpecker-ish bird.

And that's good enough for me.

(It's still totally a random fantasy bird though.)

So yep! That's all the line art done.... Rather messily, if I was honest, but I'll clean it up a bit later.

For now... time to colour! (WOOT, about time!)

Okay so for this part, I wanted to try something different... Instead of doing a thousand screenshots, and making this blog post even longer-- I'm just gonna record it and speed it up! ('Cos otherwise it'd be ten hours long or something.)

Ta da! (Also, it is now the 9/1/18... this project is officially my longest one ever...) 

Also, I was mildly lazy and didn't put any music to it, mostly because I couldn't decide... (And nearly all the music wasn't long enough anyway.) I have a feeling if I tried to add music, I wouldn't be able to post this until 2019.

If you want my personal instructions on watching the above speed-paint, basically go to youtube to 
watch it (it's better there, trust me xP)-- and find some cool music from your personal playlist to listen to.... Otherwise it'll be extremely boring. xD

For those who rather not watch the video--Here's the finished product-that-took-far-too-long: 

So yep! All done. If you sat through the entire 16 minutes (of the video, not the actual colouring... that took a couple of hours or so), then I congratulate you. Even I wouldn't have the patience to sit through it all. (But if it wasn't my art, then I totally would.) 

*ahem* I think I'll finally sign off on this post... Hope you all had a great New Years! This'll probably be my one and only post for January, seeing as I have to go back to my old home with my family to do some work with the house so we can sell it. So yep. That'll be fun. 

Until next post, fare thee well!



  1. WOW. That drawing is beeeaaauuutttiiifffuuulll!!!

  2. Bird girl is lovely, Sarah!:) I love the way she turned out.

    1. Awh thanks Quinley, I'm glad you like it :D

  3. Happy New Year, Sarah!

    I loved this post, it made me laugh. I just discovered a free imaging software called GIMP and I had some similar struggles when I was making my first book cover. Isn't it fun to try new software?? LOL


    1. Oh yay! Hehe, yasss xD GIMP is pretty cool. T'was actually the first software I used for drawing and I remember being really daunted by all the weird options I had never heard of xD ....I ended up was quite fond of it before I discovered Krita (which is heaps better for the drawing side of things in my personal opinion ;D)

  4. Eee yees, I like this very muchly. ^-^

  5. THAT IS AMAZING!!! I LOVE IT!!! *fangirls over your art* The blue dress is so pretty. And I love the bird. <3 :-D

    1. *squeaks* Awh, wow thank yooooouu XD I'm so glad you like it :D

  6. SO very nice, and I did watch the whole video!