Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Blue Sky Tag

Waitaminute... *pokes tag with a stick* This thing... this isn't a writing or a book tag?!

Huh. It's a good ol' ancient throw-random-questions-at-eachother tag.... Woah. *Pokes it again*

So I assume all the rules are the same as all the other tags... Thank. Do Tag. Tag Peeps. Question Peeps. Etc...

So yes, anyway... Thanks for tagging me Jas!

1. What is the most weirdest thing you've seen?

In real life? Or in dreams? (I shall assume real life.)

Probably that one time I saw a little chihuahua in a lady's purse... I used to think that only happened in movies, so I was pretty shocked.

2. Most Embarrassing Moment?

Okay. I promised myself I would never talk about this.... But there this one thing I did at an airport when I was around... hm, five-six years old or so? Eh, I was old enough to remember. When we were getting off the plane and there was this little step... Argh... Nevermind, I'm still not gonna talk about it.... I can't even write about it without cringing. xD (No, it wasn't me -around the same age- frantically waving and yelling 'hello' at someone I thought I knew while at the airport... That's a completely different story.)

Instead, I shall tell you of the second most embarrasing thing I've done....Which would be locking myself in a fancy old wardrobe with both of the keys in my hand. (I did not find Narnia, sadly) 

3. What caused you to do what you love doing most?

*squints* Now I just have to decide whether that question means writing or drawing... Hm...

Well, for drawing.. It was simply because I wanted to be able draw my characters. Maybe even get good enough to created my own graphic novel.... But mostly to be able to draw my OCs the way I imagined them.

For writing, it's because I really liked reading and thought I may as well try writing my own stories (since I was making them up in my head constantly, I decided I may as well start writing them down)... and then from there, I realized I quite enjoyed creating worlds and different characters, trying to make them as realistic as I can and so on.

4. Who was the first person you just wanted to strangle? (not literally..) 

Ha. I never really wanted to strangle someone.... So Imma interpret this question as: 'Who was the first person (not a relative) I found super annoying' instead.

Story Time! :D

So, for starters, it was someone I met at school, (in Year 4, and only Year 4, thank goodness). She really seemed to enjoy starting up random dramas between her and her friends (mostly with me and one other friend) on almost a weekly basis... and it just got to the point where I realized I shouldn't be caring about it and whenever it happened, my apathy levels just rose dramatically.

So yes. There was this one friend-suddenly-not-friend moment that I remember really well and basically one of our kinda mutual friends wandered up to me and this conversation ensued:

Friend: "[Drama Queen Friend] told me to tell you that she doesn't want to be your friend anymore..."

Me: (kinda busy playing basketball (shocking, I know) with my brother and one of our more friendlier friends) "Huh, oh well."

Friend: "And um-- she says she wants to talk to you."

Me: (apathetically, while still trying to play basketball while said friend was following me around.) "That's nice."

Friend: "Aren't you going to come?"

Me: (glances over to where I can see [Drama Queen Friend] sitting down, looking "miserable", and being 'consoled' by our other mutual friends.) "Hm. Nah."

Friend: "But she wants you to come!"

Me: "Yeah, I know. Tell her 'no thanks' from me, 'kay?"

Friend: (Looks stunned, but wanders back to [Drama Queen Friend] and relays the message.)

...The same friend eventually came back with another friend to try and convince me to chat to the my-suddenly-not-friend-anymore person, and I had to get my awesome big brother to tell them to leave me alone... And basically I didn't talk to her for the rest of the day. (Kinda hard in class, seeing as I was stuck with sitting next to her and our other friend--who was on her side, both literally and figuratively-- and she busied herself with looking absolutely miserable so I'd notice and feel bad for being such a "horrible" friend.) 

Ah, I love being emotionally manipulated on a weekly to monthly basis. Not.

So yeah, I ignored her for the whole day (a tad reluctantly if I was honest.) and then... as sure as the sky is blue, the very next day she reinstated herself as my friend and acted as if the whole thing had never happened.

....Good times.

(Looking back...I'm so glad Mum decided to homeschool us again before the next school year started. No offence to you school kids out there... but the social part of school sucks. Or at least in my experience, anyway.)

So um, yeah. Story time over!

5. What is your favourite day of the week?

I'm gonna say something completely random and go with Thursday.

Mostly 'cos that's the one day (other than Tuesday) that we almost never have anything on. Not to mention that it's also next to Friday, which in turn, is next to Saturday! (But Saturdays are always unpredictable.... So it can't be my favourite.)

Thursday is just really relaxing for me. It also reminds me of the colour purple for some weird reason. (Like a royal purple.)

6. What happened last month?

Mostly procrastinating.

(I dunno, it was all a blur really.)

7. If you had a chance to travel the whole world, in what way would you travel? 

Oh wow. Good question...

I would like to say on a bicycle... but that's kinda exhuasting and somewhat impratical.... Maybe on a dragon would be better.

8. In one sentence, how would you describe the internet?

Distracting. 'Nuff said.

9. How many chickens would you think it would take to kill a elephant?


But in all seriousness... That would depend if the chickens are frozen or not :P

Obviously you'd need as many as it takes to take down a T-Rex.

10. What mythical creature do you think would improve the world most if it existed?

Drago-- oh wait... Maybe not.

Er... Fairy godmothers perhaps? (Or maybe a genie.)

11. How do you feel about Pineapple on pizza?

I'll eat it. Happily even.

Pizza is still pizza, no matter how weird. :P

....And that brings us to the end of this tag apparently!

I think I shall tag the lovely peeps Kendra, Ralraymee, and MiddleEarthMusician :D (Haha, please don't tag me back xD)

Here be your questions...

1) What would your perfect room look like?
2) If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would your five-year-old self do first?
3) What was the best book or series that you’ve ever read?
4) Was there ever a situation in your life where you thought to yourself, 'Wow, that escalated quickly..'?
5) If you could time-travel to any time in the future or past, where/when would you go and why?
6) What would be the most amazing adventure to go on?
7) If someone narrated your life, who would you want to be the narrator? (As in, a voice-over sorta thing.) 
8) How different was your life one year ago?
9) As the only human left on Earth, what would you do?
10) Which would you prefer; Amusement Park or Day at the Beach?
11) Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life?


  1. *gasps* A completely RANDOM tag?? What is the meaning of this? XD

    Very amusing answers if I do say so--but also...you played basketball? For some reason that's a very odd thought...*strokes chin*

    1. I know right?! Where on earth did it come from... O-o

      Annnnnd yep, I did. Kinda. Sport still wasn't my most favourite thing back then... I only joined in mostly 'cos Zach was playing and I wanted to hang out with him. (Is it even more of an odd thought of me doing ballet when I was little? ;D)

  2. Thank you so much for tagging me! I was hopping you would. :)

  3. Eeeek, another tag!!! Darn it, why'd you have to make that rule? ;-D
    Anyway, loved your answers! XD The one about the chickens was awesome. ;-D

    1. Heheh, just in case... xD and yay, thanks! Glad you found it entertaining ;D

  4. This was awesome! Thank you! XD

  5. Oh..Awesome answers!:) I didn't realize google would say "Showing answers for: Are you crazy?".
    I also love the drawing at the beginning of the post.

    1. Hehe, nah it doesn't... I just edited it so that it would ;D (Surprisingly a whole heap easier than I thought it would be, to be honest!)
      And thanks! Glad you like it. ^-^