Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Late-November-to-December-ish Art Dump!

Ehem, why do I always leave the intros until the last moment...? 

Oh well.

(P.S- A reply letter to my 'Slightly Younger Self': Aw, you're too kind. I needed that.)

(P.P.S- A letter to my 'Older Self': You're doing okay with art now, mebbe you should practice writing a little more because sheesh. Just like art, writing skills deteriorate over time when not used... But y'know... keep drawing just to keep yourself sane-- I mean what?)

The amount of drawings I have done of Agent Ember Bellucci makes me laugh and cry simultaneously.

Why laugh? (Because why not?) Because there is just so darn many of them.

Why cry? There's so many of them because I can never get her to look like how I see her in my head.

Some of the others just to prove my point:

And these are just the sketches.... I have another bunch of
digital drawings of her around the place.

A treehouse on a magical, floating island.

...Basically my dream home. ;P

Basically ten minutes later:

 (For those of you who *gasp* don't know who that is-- her name is Sabine Wren, she is a Mandolorian, and she is from the TV show 'Star Wars Rebels'... So... yeah. *throws confetti and runs away*)

Introducing my steampunk OC, Soren Halvorsen! 

My sweet, mischevious orphan who makes it her goal in life to make the lives of the wealthy incredibly difficult. Which is... surprisingly easy if you have a mechanical ring that gives you the ability to freeze time... Just sayin'.

One of the rare occasions in which she has her hair up.

Eyyy, look at that-- another OC! (I have way too many, send help.)

A lil' bit about her:

So this is Althea! She's 14 years old and around the 4'9" height range (no shorter than that though xP). She has been apprenticed to the well-known and very skilled healer, Ramona Amaranth, ever since she was four years old. When she isn’t studying medicine or learning the many ways of healing the common cold under her mentor, you’ll most likely find her outside in their secluded garden behind the building, tending to the many, many plants or just reading. She also hates it when people call her 'cute' or 'tiny' to her face.

Just playing around in Krita and this happened... :P 

Looks like a glowy marble or an evil snowglobe. *shrugs*

Sooo yes. That's all of the (good) drawings I've done this month-ish. I have plenty more hiding away in folders that I either never finished or just didn't like how they turned out... But anyways. :P 

I dunno if this is my last post for the year but eh, we'll have to wait and see I guess.

OH YEAH-- IT'S ONLY FIVE DAYS-ISH (if you're an Australian) 'TILL CHRISTMAS GUYS. Hope you all stay safe and have fun during the holidays. <3

Imma go and live in the fridge now. (As of writing this post, it is now 38°C ...and it's potentionally going to get hotter. So yeah. Byeee for now!) 

Merry Christmas!



  1. (oh yeah, I keep forgetting that it's summer in Australia right now....stay cool!)

    I loved your drawings, Sarah! That snowglobe looks absolutely awesome and it's my favorite :)


    1. (Hah, we're trying xD I've only dared to go outside twice today... regretted it both times... xP)


  2. I loved them all! .D.
    Also, Take me with you, pleease! XD

    1. Yass xD I might need a bigger fridge though... OR AN IGLOO. I'm not sure how long it'd survive in the heat but oh well. xP


  3. Your art is amazing, Sarah!:) I love your steampunk character she is so pretty.

  4. "She also hates it when people call her 'cute' or 'tiny' to her face."
    Akio: *whispers quietly* But she is. So cute. *pats her head*

    I love seeing all your arts. <3 So much pretty. ^-^

    1. Althea: *smacks his hand away and crosses her arms with an adorable frown*
      (Hehe, I agree with him xD But uh... don't tell Althea I said that.. o-o)

      Yay! Thankie Jane :D I'm glad you like them. ^-^

  5. Wow. Can I just say that you are very skilled?! I LOOOVVVEEE these pictures. They really help one imagine what your characters are like. That treehouse was awesome!
    Man, I wish either that I could draw as well as you, or that you could draw my characters for me. XD
    Merry Christmas! Its too bad you can't come for a short visit to allow you time to cool off. Right now its 31°F! Very cold.


    1. Awwhhh thank you <3
      Hehe, maybe! (Although, you can never really go wrong with a couple years of practice ;D But then again finding the actual time to do that is apparently a thing so... I dunno xD)
      And Merry Christmas to you too! Hah, yeah that'd be really nice. Thankfully it's cooled down recently to a more sane temperature... Still humid though but oh well ;P

  6. (Sorry this is so late!!!)
    The Sabine one is AWESOME!!! I love her character. <3 And the Althea one is amazing! I love the floating island one too. XD (an incredibly late) Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

    1. Yeeet :D *dies of happiness* ...Awww, thank you so much MEM <3 I'm really glad you like them!
      (Incredibly late Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too!! XD Hope you had heaps of fun ^-^)

  7. Love that brown pastel picture, and windy hair girl with amazing eyes! You are coming to have quite a style of your own in these drawings.

    1. Awh thank ye :D

      Glad all the practice with drawing eyes is starting to pay off xD