Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Lights of Home/Are we there yet

So for English today I received a nice poem and I was told to copy it out then answer the questions below. While reading through the poem I noticed something funny about it and wanted to write something slightly similiar.. But first I'll just give you the poem just so you understand what I'm talking about.


Pilot, how far from home-
Not far, not far to night,
A flight of spray, a sea-bird's flight,
A flight of tossing foam,
And then the lights of home!

And, yet again, how far
And seems the way so brief
those lights beyond the roaring reef
Were lights of moon and star,
Far, far, none knows how far!

Pilot, how far from home-
The great stars pass away
Before Him as a flight of spray,
Moons as a flight of foam!
I see the lights of home.

By Alfred Noyes

My version:


Mother, are we there yet?
No Micheal, we have many miles to go,
why don't you watch a movie or play with your pet yeti,
Don't you want to see the snow?

Are we there yet?
No, I told you we have miles to go. 
Max, why did you bring the goat? I had told you no!
Jeremy! Do not hit your sister.
You are so grounded mister. 

Mother, are we there-
Yes! Oh thank goodness,
I thought I would die before we arrived.
I am so glad we managed to survive!
Yes my children, we are finally there.

Ta da! If you are wondering why it sounds like a song (Well that's what Zach said..) it is because I had been singing 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman' from Frozen in my head while writing it.

Need to get back to work so that is enough blog for today (and perhaps a month). See ya!