Saturday, May 2, 2015

Marching on ANZAC Day!

Well, after 5 months I have finally decided to just get on with it and do another Blog post!

First of all, I'm sorry that this post is five or six days late (can't remember which) but at least I have a reasonable excuse. On Monday night we had returned home from a grand old time at band practice. After eating a delicious dinner and drinking a lovely cup of hot chocolate it wasn't very long before I wasn't feeling very well.
After unsuccessful attempts at trying to go to sleep I had to get up. I stumbled down the stairs, made my way to the 'plastics cupboard' (where our family keeps all the plastic tubs) and started rummaging through it searching for a decently sized bowl. Minutes after I found one, oh.... well never mind... you probably don't really want to know the rest! Talk about timing.

Nearly all of the next day -when I was supposed to be writing this blog post and doing all my schooly stuff- I spent lying on the couch in my uncomfortable misery. As one might expect, it wasn't very fun.

Anyway, I'm feeling much better now (Thank you for asking) so I had better get on with the actual post.

ANZAC Day! Or to be slightly more specific; The ANZAC Day Parade!

Such beautiful horses!
Now, I know ANZAC Day is all about ANZACs; retired and active servicemen in our military and its heritage and contribution to society, but this blog post is written from my perspective of the  day, and how I participated in it.

After four weeks of marching practice (just the Monday nights, not every single day!) -three of which we marched on the spot in the hall and one of marching around the 'Bunnings Warehouse' parking lot after closing time. The actual day came around. The band assembled in a small car park sometime before 10:30 am (when the actual march started, I think) so we could put together our instruments and wrestle with the pesky lyres (if needed to be put together in the first place that is), don  our awesome fancy formal marching hats (I forget what they are called), collect our music and then 'form up' in the car park for one last quick practice before the march.

'Left. Left. Left, right, left.'

After that, we all headed over to the starting point so that we could line up with the veterans, soldiers and various schools and organizations (such as the Red Cross). A bit later, a minute or so after two late people had to hurriedly line up where ever they could and then we were away!

If I remember correctly, we marched in a straight-ish  (as we had to avoid some horsey contributions) line for a while, then we went around a roundabout,  under a bridge and  counter-marched into the SES drive way/ parking lot. We kept playing while the rest of the parade marched by and then "stepped off" (a fancy way to walk out of our marching lines, I think.)

We then crossed the road to the Civic Center and sat down in the waiting chairs to have a quick drink and then watch the ANZAC Day service, playing a piece of music here and there, including the national anthem.

After that, we packed up our instruments and after catching up some friends, we had to walk all the way back to the car. It was a great day (Not to mention the fact that this was the 100th anniversary!) but to be honest I'm glad its over... No more marching practice until next year!