Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Random Childhood Story Time!

OR, alternatively—

"That One Time I May Have Used My Younger Sister For A Experiment."

Now when you read that title, your first thought might be one of me standing over my sister while wearing one of those laboratory coats and laughing maniacally as lightning strikes behind me for extra drama.

If that was you, then thanks for the vote of confidence, buddy.

If not...

Well, good. Because that's not what happened. :P

What did happen was in that in that strange, strange time in which we shared a room; My sis would always fall asleep before I did.

One particular night while I lay awake in bed, pondering the best ways for my (now very old) MC to completely destroy the villain... I somehow hopped onto the "magical abilities" train-of-thought. Furthermore, the ability to control someone's dream just by speaking to them while they slept.

"But hold on," My smol-self thought to my-smol-self. "Can't that be done in real life already?"

After a while, the curiosity overwhelmed me, and I stealthily climbed down from the top bunk bed to test my theory. Somehow I made it safely across the scary floor of traps n' toys to my lil' sister's bed and I gave her a slight poke to make sure she was actually asleep before I began my 'experiment'.

First, I began intense— starting off with a cyclone/nightmare scenario thing (ugh. I know... how mean of me right.). As I acted out all the parts, I watched her closely for any reaction.

"CRASH—BOOM—LIGHTNING!" *claps hands together rapidly to make up for lame sound effects*

No reaction. So I stepped it up a notch. Time to add some frightened people running for safety.

*Changes voice slightly* "AHH NO, It's a big ol' scary cyclone!!" 

*Higher pitched* "Run for your lives!! AHH!"

I glanced down at my sister's face to see the same peaceful expression. Still nothing?? Welp. Time to add myself.

"ACK— Jas! Wait for me!!" *coughs dramatically ('cos in a cyclone I kinda imangined there to be a whole lot of water)* "The cyclone is catching up, AHH!"

At this point I should probably mention that I have never in my entire life been in a cyclone... I was basically just running on my own imagination as to what it might be like.

Upon noticing that still had no effect on her, I grabbed her hand and tried again.

"AH, FLOOD! HELP!" I flopped on the ground beside her bed, wincing as one of the toys stuck into my back. Not my best idea, but being the crazy actress I was, I continued onwards, pulling her hand tightly. "DON'T LET GO JAS!!" I cried out (quietly, because I didn't want to attract the attention of Mum and Dad) in what seemed to be my best performance yet.

..And then it happened; she stirred.

My dear little sister woke up just enough to pull her hand out of my own and give me a look of utter confusion before turning over to face the wall. Instantly falling back asleep with the most innocent look on her face.


Now I'm not sure if at that stage I decided to just call it quits out of sheer failure, or because I was tired, but I did. I let out a sigh of defeat and climbed back into my own bed. Turns out that kind of stuff doesn't work after all.

Looking back, I'm really glad it didn't work. Because that would mostly imply that superpowers existed... and that I ended up with the most useless one of all. (Oh, and I probably would've freaked my sister out as well too, I guess.)


And so yeah... That's the closest I've ever come to becoming an evil scientist!

The End.

(Note: Yes, this did actually happen... While I'm not exactly proud of doing it, I couldn't help but giggle when I remembered... Still can't believe that my-smol-self thought that it might actually work. We were fairly little back then too, so I did have to exagerate on some details.)

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

November Art Dump. Woot.

*flops in*

Hey everyone-- how's Nano going for y'all?

*glances at word count and winces* Mine's going fabulously.

Okay-okay-okay, I'm kidding. Nano's going okay in the sense I'm not freaking out about actually reaching the 50,000 word goal. ('Cos guess what? It's exactly that: A goal. I'm not gonna die if I don't reach it :P All I'm really doing is trying to at least write consistantly for a month.) 

So yes, instead, here's what I did when I wasn't trying to scrape together a plot, or a decent paragraph of words that made sense!

(*gasp* You guessed it! Art! Although some of these are actually from late October to now.)

(P.S A reply letter to my 'Slightly Younger Self': Eh, I tried. Probably more so with the 'more interesting poses' thing. Oh well :P)

(P.P.S- A letter to mah 'Older Self': 'Sup. I don't feel like yelling at you today. That is all. Have a good day.)

A random portrait because I wanted to practice different expressions.

More expression practice but this time with Brinley! I have a few more of her but I didn't manage to finish them, sadly.

I was just messing around on krita when this happened. Needless to say, I now wish I had a really flowy cloak too. :P 


I actually made this one while following along with a youtube tutorial, (because how else was I supposed to learn this sorta stuff? ;D) and yeah, I think it turned out okay.

And yes, she is about to go and stabby-stab her enemies. They probably hurt one of her friends, or a family member and she's just like; "Oh, you're doing what now? Okay. You're going down." 

I won't lie-- this one is probably my most favourite thing that I've ever created... 



*faints from happiness*

It's like I'm Ms Frizzle's long lost cousin or something.

And lastly, have at ye a random self-portrait that I've been wanting to attempt forever, but being far too lazy. Well! I conquered that laziness, and here it is. Hooray. xP

Personally I think my hair is a bit darker than that, but Mum kept commenting that it needed to be lighter... So uh... I don't know how accurate it is? xD

And that's all the art for this time folks!

I'm going to go and face-plant into the couch now. Byee!