Friday, November 22, 2013

A Really Cool Paint Tutorial Thingy

So while I was mucking around on Paint (On the computer) I actually made something somewhat cool and considering I hardly ever write a blog post I thought I should write up a tutorial... Right... Here it comes...

1. Open up your Paint. I think this would also work with Photoshop but I often get really lost there.. So this tutorial shall be in Paint.

2. Begin with the colour black... If you absolutely despise black you may use a different dark colour.

3. Next, select the polygon tool.

4. Now, you may begin drawing lines. The first line, you will have to click and drag to where you want it to go.. After that first line, you can just click it where you want it.

5. Click, click, click! Keep on clickin' until you are happy with your shape!

6. Now you can start colouring! Select the "Fill" tool, choose your first colour and then colour away!

7. Try not to allow two same colours to touch, that kind of ruins the effect in some ways.

8. Running out of colours yet? A simple-ish way to fix that is to double-click on the colours, then click on the "Define custom colours" and it will take you to this cool little menu.

9. When you finished colouring it in, select black (Or your other colour), move your mouse away from the rainbow of colours and to the white-ness and..... CLICK!

10.  Not bad eh? If your not so sure about that one.....

11. And..... RIGHT CLICK! Personally I like the white version better.. But it depends how you want it really. You could have.....

11a. Black!

11b. White!

11c. Or even a brown-ish red!

Basically you could have any sort of colour you want as a background... Anyway, this is the end of the tutorial so... Enjoy! 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

If you could have been anyone in history... Who would you be?

This is something I actually did a long while ago...  Waaaaaaaay before we moved I think. So anyway I just thought it would be nice to have it on my blog instead of hiding in a dark, creepy folder on the computer. So here it is....

'If I could have been anyone in history I would have been Lei Zu the Chinese Empress. I think she was cool because she was Empress and if I were her, I would have been the first person to discover silk.
Lei Zu discovered silk when she was sitting under her mulberry tree quietly drinking her tea. Suddenly PLOP!  A small white bundle was floating in her tea. Lei Zu picked it up, it was a silkworm cocoon and the thread that was wrapped around it started to unravel. Lei Zu stood up and started to walk around the garden unravelling the cocoon all the way until there was no more thread around the silkworm, she did this a few more times with the help of her maid. Then she called for her royal dresser “Can you weave this thread into cloth?” Lei Zu asked “I have never seen threads like these!” the royal dresser exclaimed, she took the thread away and wove it into cloth that shone like water in the sunlight, and Lei Zu made a robe for her husband Huang Di. History tells us that when he saw it he was so impressed that he said, “From now on we shall call this silk, and no one but the royal family shall wear it.”

So that is why if I was anyone in history, I would have been Lei Zu.'   

(Mum wrote this part..)
Lei Zu was a woman who had imagination and foresight to see that silk worm cocoons weren't just a gross little bundle of fibres. She questioned and investigated a possibility and came up with a fabric that would be considered lovely throughout history. She contributed to Chinese culture.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Heat Rant disguised as Poetry

O blasted heat,
Why does thou come now?!
 Why not give us a rest from the
 sweat on our brow?

O blasted heat,
Why now? This awful heat isn't at all a treat..
 Could we please have some rain?
Only if it isn't to much strain....

O blasted heat,
Go away, go away!
I don't think I could take this for another day...
Oh if only we could go to the bay...

O blasted heat,
Where is chill and thrill of winter?
Where is the snow, snowmen and ice lakes?
And what happened to my ice-y cream cakes?
Oh right.You melted them.

O blasted heat,
     Truly, I didn't mean it...
I much prefer swimming than ice-skating,
I very much rather building sand castles than debating this with you.

O blasted heat,
You still think you're so cool.
Maybe you could drop down a few degrees?
To nineteen or twenty-ish please!

O blasted heat,
This is me,
Thanking you.



(Heheh I couldn't help putting the "Ah choo" at the end, It just happens I sneezed right then.)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hmm.... A Wallpaper and a Bible Verse

Click Here for a closer look.

I made this wallpaper a while ago when Clare, Alice and I had the verse in our Bible Study.... Assurance of Prayer wasn't it? No.. Assurance of Answered Prayer... I was pretty close....

"Until now you have
nothing in my name.
Ask and you shall receive,
That your joy may be full."

~John 16:24

Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Short Story part 2

(I still have no idea on how to get "Unstuck" so I thought I may as well just put it up)

As soon as Jenny walked out of the class room her friends Penny and Jasmine walked over to her. “Hey Jenny!” they both called to her. “Hello you two” Jenny replied smiling. After they got their lunches from their backpacks they walked over to an unoccupied table. “So…” began Penny “What were you writing about Jasmine?” Jasmine grinned “A Princess who became a frog when she kissed another frog!” Jenny and Penny exchanged a look. “Uh… Jasmine… That’s already taken… You know, Disney’s version of “Princess and the frog”?” Jenny asked, Jasmine’s grin grew even wider “But here is the catch… They remain frogs for the rest of their froggy lives!” Jasmine then did her “Famous Evil Laugh.” Jenny raised an eyebrow at Jasmine and resumed eating her own lunch.

They finished their lunch and decided to play outside for a little, Penny picked up a long, brown and blue skipping rope “Hey do you want to skip?” she asked Jenny and Jasmine. “Sure” Jenny replied and Jasmine nodded, they walked over to a pole and tied one end of the skipping rope to it while Jenny help the other end further away. Penny and Jasmine lined up next to the rope and waited for Jenny to swing it around.
“Ready?” Jenny asked and the girls nodded, “Ready.” Replied Jasmine and Jenny began chanting:

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn around,        

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, touch the ground

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, show your shoe

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, that will do!

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, go upstairs-

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say your prayers-

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, turn out the lights-

Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, say good-night!”
Suddenly the School bell rang and it was time finish their stories. Jenny panicked slightly, she should have been thinking about what to write for a story during lunch break! She sat down at her desk next to Jasmine and picked up a pencil. She glanced around the room briefly and then began to think. Ok, ok a short story… Jenny sat there thinking away 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Le Stuck Here~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Only ten minutes left and Jenny still had no idea what to write about. Mrs Giovanni had told them not to think about what they would write but to start writing straight away… Well… It wasn’t working. Thanks for the tip, Mrs G but it does not work for me at all.
  Jenny stared at the clock for a minute more and then down to her blank paper. Well this sucks… she thought to herself. Suddenly she had a marvellous idea. Grinning from ear to ear she began writing….
A young girl named Lauren looked up from her school work
“A short story? How on this earth can someone write a short story?” after many minutes of hard core thinking, Lauren had a wonderful idea….

In a school room far, far away on another planet, there lived a girl who had to write a short story for a school project….

Jenny’s story went on like that for two pages

The End…
(Not really this just a draft.... I may add other stuff later)

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sewing my own Shorts!

Ahhhh the internet is finally fixed!! I have to admit that I was going even crazier (more than most suspect) without it.
I think Mum found my pacing back and forth slightly --- actually make that very--- annoying... So she decided I should make my own shorts.... So thats what I did.... I made myself two pairs of really comfy shorts!

Comfy Shorts Mark 1 - Really really really comfy!

Shorts Mark 2 - Not that comfy, but I like it all the same!

 So... Ta da!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Eshyad Flag

I made a flag for my "imaginary country" Eshyad.. I cannot recall the exact steps on how I made it but here it is..

(Does anyone know how to flip photos?)

Monday, September 30, 2013

The Wives of Henry VIII

My history narration for Henry VIII 's many wives....

First Wife: Catherine of Aragon

Catherine was the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain (The ones who sent Christopher Columbus on his epic journey).Catherine of Aragon had long golden hair and a Spanish accent and a great deal of patience. She and Henry were married for almost 20 years. Catherine also had many children but only one survived (Yes, I said only one survived), that child was Mary. Although Henry loved Catherine and Mary, he wanted a son. So he divorced Catherine and married Anne Boleyn.

Second Wife: Anne Boleyn

During the complications of divorce, Henry had his eye on a lively, young 15 year old girl named Anne Boleyn. Because Henry was still married Catherine, Anne would not become a Mistress or a girlfriend to him but when the divorce  actually happened, Anne loved Henry as a wife would and moved into his apartments, Anne soon became pregnant and when that happened Henry ‘secretly’ married her. After eight months Anne gave birth to a daughter named Elizabeth (Still no son.). With only 3 years of marriage with Anne Boleyn, Henry decided she was no good any more and also decided now would probably be a good time to accused Anne of adultery and without further ado, beheaded her. Now that was much simpler than a divorce. That brings us to a fine lady named Jane Seymour.

Third Wife: Jane Seymour

Henry’s 3rd wife was named Jane Seymour. Strangely enough, she was at one time a maid in the king’s court! Who knows how long Henry had his eye on her! Anyway when it came to ‘dating’ Henry, she would only visit him with a chaperone. The people of England had a great respect for her. Seventeen months after the wedding, Jane gave birth to a, son! (Finally!) Henry was so delighted that he held feasts upon feasts, but sadly, Jane Seymour did not live to watch her son grow up. Don’t worry she wasn't beheaded or divorced! She had died from the complications of child birth. Henry’s heart was broken. But he married again! Yes again. He married Anne of Cleves.

Fourth Wife: Anne of Cleves

After the death of Jane Seymour, Henry married a German princess, her name was Anne of Cleves. Although, much to his disappointment poor Anne was not as pretty as her portrait was! She had hardly any hobbies, no musical background, she was way older than expected and she was very unattractive. When Henry first saw her, his face fell in disappointment. He went through the wedding but he never accepted her as a wife. They ate dinner together and played cards together but that was it. They were divorced, but parted as friends. Henry was decent enough to have Anne provided for and to saw to it that she was always safe.

Fifth Wife: Catherine Howard

And yes, Henry married again. But this time he married a teenager named Catherine Howard. Again this marriage failed as well…. But this time, it was against Henry’s wishes. You see, Catherine was young and pretty but also foolish and immature. All the attention to her as queen went to her head and she started doing stupid stuff. Although she gave Henry all the attention he wanted, she was unfaithful to him. No one knew what Catherine was doing but one day, Thomas Cranmer stumbled upon the story while snooping around her private life (Thomas Cranmer didn’t like Catherine and was trying to ruin her reputation.), he found that Catherine was involved with a man right there in court! Once her secret was let out, Catherine confessed to everything and in 1542 she was beheaded for her crimes. You could say that Henry was getting a taste of his own medicine.

Sixth Wife: Catherine Parr

A year and a half later, Henry married a woman named Catherine Parr. She was 31 years old, warm, caring and very intelligent. When they married, Catherine took in all of Henry’s children (Mary, Elizabeth and Edward) and treated them as if they were her own children and saw to it that they got a sturdy education. This very stable marriage lasted the rest of Henry’s life but was almost sent to the chopping block when Catherine tried to “teach” Henry of the protestant ways. She was temporarily confined. She learnt to keep her views to herself. Anyway that accident past and Henry was fighting a bad infection in his leg and he struggled against disease. It was only four years in their marriage before Henry died. He was 55 years old and he is buried at Windsor Castle next to Jane Seymour. 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bearded Dragon

You can see a few eggs in the tunnel!
Found a lovely Bearded Dragon laying her eggs in a small tunnel....

She laid the eggs on the 26/9/13 and we found them after four 'o' clockish.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Short Story Part 1

I had to write a short story for English.... So... Mawhawhaw!

Why do I have to do this?” Jenny muttered under her breath in the class room. Mrs Giovanni was making them write a short story for English. Although they were allowed to write whatever they wanted, everyone had to make sure their spelling was correct and all punctuation was even better.  That was all fine with Jenny, her spelling was better than average and she was alright with punctuation, it was just…. She had absolutely no idea at all on what to write.
Jenny Looked around the classroom and saw Jacob, considering how much he liked science fiction, he was probably writing a story about a robot or a “space speedway robbery” or something like that. Jenny’s eyes wandered over to Elisa, judging how much Elisa goes on and on about fairies… That was most likely on what she was writing about. Jenny glanced at the clock and realized she only had half an hour left to write her own short story...
“Story about a princess?”  Pfft. No way…

“A story about three little pigs and a mean wolf?” Nahh… Besides, that’s already taken…

“Hmmm… Perhaps a story about horses?” Nope. She had already written so many horse stories it was not funny.

“Maybe birds?” Jenny sighed. She didn't know very much about birds, so the story would probably sound pretty dumb.

“Maybe a story about an artist?” If she did that she would probably end up copying other artist’s books, so… Nope.

“Or maybe I could write about an alternate ending to another fairy tale?” Ack! No that would take too long!


Half an hour was up already?! Jenny looked down at her still-blank paper. Uh oh…. Jenny looked up in time to see Mrs Giovanni standing up and looking around the classroom. “Alright class…” She began “How many of you have finished your stories?” Jenny watched with dread expecting the whole class to put their hands up, instead, only a few kids raised their hands. Mrs Giovanni frowned slightly “Well… I suppose you all may have a lunch break and then back to this…” She then said to the kids who had raised their hands “and everyone who have finished, may have free time while the others finish their stories. Right, Class dismissed.” She smiled as all the children stampeded out of the room. 

To be continued....

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

My Epic History Lesson

So I was listening to some music while reading my History lesson and then suddenly I was reading the text together with the music. So when I was writing my narration out, this was the outcome:

Ta da!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Scientists of Old

Just a few of the first scientists and what they did.....

Thales = Was one of the first scientists.

Democritus = Ancient Greek scientist who believed in atoms.

Aristotle = Championed the idea of spontaneous regeneration and is responsible for it being believed so long.

Ptolemy = Proposed the geocentric system.

Grosseteste = Was considered to be the first modern scientist.

Copernicus = Proposed the heliocentric.

Galileo = Collected much data in favour of the heliocentric but was forced to recant belief in it by the Church.

 Newton = One of the greatest scientist of all time, he laid down the laws of motion, developed the law of universal gravity and invented calculus.

Lavoisier = Discovered the Law of Mass Conservation.

Dalton = Developed the first detailed atomic theory and became known as the founder of the modern atomic theory.

Darwin = Destroyed the idea of immutability (unable to change or mutate) of species.

Mendel = Determined how traits are passed on during reproduction.

James Clerk Maxwell = Founder of Modern Physics.

Joule = Demonstrated the first law of Thermodynamics.

Einstein = Had two theories of relativity and was big in quantum mechanics.

Bohr = Is best known for his model of the atom. It was named after him and revealed many of the atoms mysteries.

First Thing That Comes To mind........

I wanted to do this post for a while! What I'm going to do is write down list of colours and then write the very first thing that comes to mind.... Here I go.....

Pink = vomit. (If you don't get it, go to The best ferry ride ever...)
Periwinkle blue = the sky.
blue = blue play-doh.
Black = My brother.
Green = Also my brother.
Red = Autumn leaves
White = Wedding dress
Magenta = Are you sure that's not pink in disguise?
Purple = Royalty
Yellow = Reminds me of the greeting "yello!".
Mint Green = Minties of course.
Gold = Dollar Coins.

Of course I couldn't do every colour.... But who knows?? Maybe there will be a Part 2....


A Cruise and an Island... No we weren't shipwrecked..

This is a little picture of us in front of the Ship Pacific Jewel.
It was very exciting to see how big the ship really was.
(We were, I'd say, at least "half a mile" from the ship to get
 at most, half of the ship in the photo.)
This is my photo journal of photos from the P&O Moreton Island Cruise! (Photos are more or less in order.)

To find out that we were going on a cruise, was, well, I'm not sure but it definitely beyond exciting! We had seven days notice by the time Dad sprung the surprise on us. On Sunday we travelled to Sydney were we slept over at my Aunty Leanne's and Uncle Dan's house and then the next day, we caught two trains to Circular Quay ('Quay' is pronounced 'Key'). On arrival at the Quay, we found the Pacific Jewel (wasn't difficult.) we dropped our luggage off at the 'Luggage Drop-Off ' and then proceeded to join the really, really, REALLY long line. After a while, we finally boarded the ship. I was practically trembling with excitement, We were on a Cruise ship! A big giant Cruise ship! Before boarding I had been issued an ID card (in case I forgot who I was. Very handy) and an we purchased a Lanyard so I didn't lose my new card. We then proceeded to go to the lunch buffet. I love buffets! This is what I had the first day;  Caesar Salad, pasta, two jellies and a few pastries. Is your mouth watering yet? No? At dinner I had, one bread roll with butter, veal tortellini with pistachio purée and last but not least! Cherry Crème Brulee!  I bet your mouth is watering now! (mine is...).

Thing Two dancing like a Maniac.

We were summoned from lunch for the mandatory emergency drill. I was forced to pay attention in order to answer Nana's quizzes. After the emergency drill there was a 'Sail Away Party'. There was blasting music with nearly everyone dancing (especially my little party-girl sister). After the party some of us continued exploring while the others headed back to the cabins. If you look at the picture closely, you will notice that the water in the pool is higher on one side than the other side due to the ship rocking slightly. I remember wanting to swim in it while it was doing that.

Thing One and I acting like posh ladies

This was my very first Crème Brulee.
And by far it shall not be the last.

At 6:00 pm we gathered for dinner at the 'posh' Waterfront Restaurant  and I was slightly baffled when I was told to order my own meal and that I could choose anything that I wanted (e.g, I could've ordered 3 pumpkin soups and 20 crème brulees...). Thing One and I pretended to be posh ladies while ordering and eating  our meals. Until, that is, the Crème Brulee arrived. Then it was all hands on deck, I was not, I repeat, was not; letting anyone have it.... For it was MY Crème Brulee!


The next day I woke up to seeing the waves out the circular window (aka, porthole). I was about to fall back asleep when it clicked in, "I wonder what treasures were held in the buffet for breakfast?" turns out, I only had; one piece of bacon, a bread roll and maybe a thousand delicious pastries or so. 

After breakfast I decided to go to the HQ program for tweens and teens. It was slightly boring at first but then I noticed one the the ladies was making a crepe paper rose, it looked like fun so I asked her if she could teach me to make one. So I sat and watched and copied, sadly, I didn't finish it before Dad came and took me to the jewellery sale where I bought a very pretty little dragon-fly necklace. I also liked the ladybird and dolphin necklaces, but Dad and I both thought the Dragon-fly was the nicest one there.
The pretty Dragon-Fly necklace.

Afterwards, we headed back to the cabin to meet the others so we could all go to lunch together. During lunch Thing One, Thing Two and I were all trying convince Mum and Dad that we needed to go swimming (because there was two pools and a two spas on the ship.) We kids won the debate and hurried to the cabins to get our togs on. We stopped for a moment, our attention caught by the the sight of dolphins playing in the waves, when they left, we headed to the top deck for our swim, sadly the pool water was below freezing. Never fear! We'll just go to the warm spa! It turned out there was already kids in the spa. Now if you were reading this properly you would have said "Hang on! You said there was two spas!"  You are correct, there was two spas but only one was working. Luckily though, Thing One knew one of the girls in the working spa so things weren't as awkward as I presumed.
(Right to Left) Thing One, Thing Two, Zach and I in the warm Spa.
Some of the boys would be in the spa for a short time and then rush out and jump into the freezing water, after watching them do this numerous times, I decided not to let them hog all the fun (as boys often do.) and jumped into the freezing water myself... It was very cold. After that I raced back to the warmth of the spa. I found if you would jump in more than two times in a row you would not be able to walk in a straight line... I also found in doing the cold water/warm water routine, I wouldn't be able to feel my legs as I walked back to the spa (I had to keep looking down to make sure my legs were still there.). As soon as I got into the spa, my legs would start stinging... But it was a good kind of sting.

Juggling Expert
Afterwards at 6:00 pm we all headed to dinner at Waterfront, I ordered Crème Brulee again etc....
He was spinning a table on his feet! 

After dinner we went to a circus! Sadly it wasn't one with a real elephant, it was just acrobats in the circus. It was really entertaining though!

Probably the most interesting trapeze act I've ever seen.


Us kids waiting for the 20 minute ride to shore. 
And again I woke up to see the waves going past (it was a slightly overcast day) only this time, there was an Island! Excited to board a small boat to Moreton Island, we quickly had our breakfast and went down to get our tickets to go to the Island.

______________20 minutes skip____________

Two of the many Starfish on the Beach.
As we were disembarking I could see the fish through the water as clear as clean blue-green glass.We also saw starfish on the sand and lots of pelicans and pied cormorants!

Me posing in front of the Wrecks with my Butter-Brim
We met up with Aunty Claire and the cousins and made our way have lunch at a little cafe. Mum had a plate of oysters ('cause she likes them) while everyone else had pizza. After we finished, Dad Zach and Corey went to go and hire out a tinny (little motor boat) so we could go snorkeling and fishing over at the Wrecks. We walked around two hundred metres to get to 'the Wrecks' but it was a fun walk, I saw five puffer fish (deflated of course) and 3 little crabs which I wanted to catch but was held back by the fact that they do pinch. When we reached 'the Wrecks', I boarded the tinny with Corey, Dad and Zach and we headed out to snorkel. At first I thought snorkelling was going to be the best thing ever (and I still think so too!) but it turns out, you have to have a passion for deep water. I, (as I found out) do not. I was just getting into the water and swam a "metre" away from the boat when I made the horrible mistake of looking down. I could just barely see the bottom! I practically leapt out of the water and clung to the outside of the boat, bringing my feet as close to me as I could. Zach and Dad tried to release my 'limpet-hold' on the boat while telling me to 'give it another go.'... Nope I wasn't going back in. There was no possible way to coax me back in.They soon gave up and I got back into the boat and started my best fishing experience yet.
My one and only rainbow Zebra-Brim
I caught seven Butter-Brim fish and one Zebra-Brim plus Dad...
Corey and I in front of the Wrecks

3:00 pm came and we had to head back to the Pacific Jewel. We said good-bye to Aunty Clare and our cousins and started to walk to the jetty. Dad, of course steered us all towards the Souvenirs store to buys something to remind us of the Island... We girls bought a snow-globe each with little fish inside it (not real, of course).

This was a very brave act... You would have
to get your knots right, or you would be on the floor!
Being wet, cold, and sandy while on the little boat was really uncomfortable. Waiting in line was worse. But we did get back to our cabin eventually... I had a nice warm shower and changed into some decent warm clothes. We then went to dinner where I convinced Aunty Leanne to try the Crème Brulee. Afterwards we got to see the Circus's last act which was very interesting to watch.
The Table- Master became the juggling - Master.

Again these two were an interesting act.

The Juggling Expert became the Hoop Expert.
Another perfect ending for a perfect day....


I woke up to -once again- the waves and to my happiness it was a blue sky with fluffy white clouds. After breakfast I decided to go to HQ again so I could make an short stop-motion animation... I had to write a script, take a picture of every single movement (and mouth movement!).. It not perfect, but I like it anyway.

I spent the whole day there just doing that one animation. During the day I could feel the ship rocking more and more, it turned out that we 'just happened' to be in rough seas (not really a surprise... The Captain had given everyone a heads up the night before. I was fully enjoying the rocking and loved going up and down the stairs in tune with the rocking. I was even more amused when I saw these photos:

The Perfect Pool... Stare at the picture for a few seconds and concentrate on it...
Does it look as if it is rocking?? 
Zach being such a awesome brother by
 actually smiling for the camera...
 And again we rallied at the cabins to go to dinner. Everyone (except me) was slightly sea sick. Poor Thing One was the worst, I wanted to have a photo of her looking absolutely tired and worn out -plus sick-, but I would then have to fear for my life... Everyone had something like soup, while I feasted upon a "mountain" of spaghetti plus a crème brulee (Mum only had two bites of a sticky date pudding.). It wasn't a very eventful night so I'll close here and hope you enjoyed this journal because the next day our holiday was over and we disembarked in Sydney.

Have a great day!


Monday, June 17, 2013

Eshyad so far....

Country Name: Eshyad

Flag: Burgandy with White and Brass crossing swords.

Athem: "Come And Join Us"

     Language Sample: Shi = She/her, Yhi = He/him, Tyi = It, Aza = They, Erza = Them.

Fashion: Greek for style and Indian and Persian for colours. (It's called Grindsian! Just joking)

Legends: Maple and Robyn (I'm trying to make a book about their story.) and Benjamin Booker.

Races: Men, Akkadian (Akkadians were the very first race on Eshyad.) and Elves.

Current King: King Benjamin Booker I.

Benjamin's short history : A 21 year old artist in the real world was sent to another world by his crazy scientific uncle. Benjamin found himself in Eshyad where he saved the people from an evil plot to start an all-out war that was sure to kill anyone and everyone just to start a new world (While also trying to find a way home). After saving the people he married the beautiful Akkadian princess who had helped him out all that time. When he married the princess he had married into the royal family, hence, he was the next king. He was successor to King Mahuai IV. That's how he became King.

Current Queen: Queen Vera.

Vera's short history: Vera (sadly) had no evil uncle who sent her to a strange world, she was instead, born in the royal family. She was about 20 years old when she had first met Benjamin and fallen in love with him. As he was crusading all over Eshyad, she was pleading with her father to stop the idea of war. Benjamin and Vera succeeded together, shortly afterwards they married and ruled the land with grace and peace. Vera and Benjamin took no action in anything whatsoever until they had consulted with one another. ( Much like Theodora and Justinian of Constantinople)

*Edit: It turns out there is already something called "Akkadian" so.... Dang... I will have to think up some thing else.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Bees Wax Candles

First I would to thank my friend Clare, for letting me use some of the photos she took.

On the 16th day of the 4th month of the 2013th year, my family and friends all made bees wax candles.
Here's how we did it:

Preparing the Bees Wax.

First; to make bees wax candles, we had to have bees wax right? Correct!  My Dad and brother keep bees as a hobby and so we get a LOT of honey comb which we melt down to bees wax at every harvest.
Here is a picture of some honey comb;
Our Tasty Honey Comb
Second, we had to melt it all down into wax like so;
Unfiltered Wax
We melt our honey comb in a slow cooker, this may take a couple of hours (even days!) plus you have to filter it all! See those little dark cells in the yellow wax? Those little cells are not going to melt down, so you need to filter the wax from the cells other wise you'll have very chunky candles that won't burn well. The other thing we need to filter out of the wax is the honey...lots of honey.

Making The Candles.

You'll Need

  • Melted Wax
  • Candle jar or you can even use a little fancy teacup.
  • Wick
  • Masking tape
  • Pen

  1. Take your jar (or teacup) and using the masking tape make a cross shape over the middle of the jar. Poke a hole in the middle of your cross shape with your pen and feed the wick through with the metal part on the bottom.
  2. Then pour only a little of your wax in, until the metal part of the wick is fully covered. Wait for the wax to cool.
  3. Pour the rest of the wax in the jar (not too much now!) leaving about a decant gap of at least half a centimetre from the top.
  4. Now you just have to let it cool. When it has cooled down considerably you can very, very carefully take the little tape cross off. If you have a long wick, just snip it to at least a centimetre.
And Viola! Now you know how to make them, you can make even more!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Fantasy World Anthem

“Come and Join Us” –By Fanvedhil


Verse 1: Over the Ocean, Across the Sky,
There is a place, of Safety and Refuge.
Over Green Pastures, Over Blue Lakes,
There is a Kingdom of Beauty and Love.

Chorus: Come and join us, Come to our Sanctuary,
Under the Malich and Kolici stars.
Come on, come and dance,
 It’s a day to celebrate,
Come and join us now!

Verse 2: Come to Eshyad, a place of Peace
Where the Kingdoms, became one and the,
People became Stronger!


Verse 3: The soil is rich, the animals fat.
There is no hate, suffering or hunger.
There is only Peace, Love and Kindness!
Come to Eshyad..


End: Come to Eshyad... x2

Monday, April 15, 2013

The Best Ferry Ride Ever..

Ok, lets 'pretend' this is me:
Note: I only said "pretend" because I hate pink......Yuck! Pink reminds me of....

When I was little, my family and I decided to go on a nice, yellow ferry. The problem was that I wasn't feeling too good that day. Unfortunately, I was feeling a bit nauseous.   We boarded the ferry and were having a great time looking over the water, until when we were about halfway across the bay. I threw-up! All over my Mum's lovely shiny black boots!

My mum and I took a little walk to the bathroom, with me, trying not to vomit on anyone else's shoes of course. While Mum cleaned her shoes, I continued to throw up in the sink. It was not my idea of fun. As soon as we all got off the ferry I started to feel better, but the return journey loomed like a dark, black, rain cloud.

Ah well, at least I got new clothes, due to the fact that my old ones were in dire need of a wash.


Two Of My Haiku's, One Of My Cinquain's and.....And..... That's All I Guess.

Sorry about the delay.....Anyway here you go:

Haiku: The Fish.
Fish, my fat fish
See's a bug - eats the bug,
Is now even fatter.

Cinquain: Baby
Small, Frail,
Gurgling, Drinking, Playing,
Growing up so,

Haiku: Pretty Cat.
Cat, small pretty cat
Elegant, witty, pretty cat
Pretty cat licks her paws.

Viola! Now next post........

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hello ( Hi, G'day, Bonjour, etc.....)

Hi, I'm Sarah and this is my Blog!

As you read my Blog, you might find yourself laughing uncontrollably or bored to death (either of the cases are NOT my fault).
I promise I'll do my best to make you laugh (Promise!), although sometimes I have a rather dry sense of humour at times (So it has been said... I reckon my humour is perfect).....

So please.. Sit back and relax! (otherwise you'll get a sore back)

~Sarah (as you may of guessed)