Thursday, June 22, 2017

Camp Nanowrimo 2017 :: July Edition (A Comic)

Long story short: I didn't reach my goal for April :P

Well... You can't say I didn't try!


(P.S I've made a page-thing for these guys that kinda sorta explains who they are and stuff... Don't have to check it out, but should you want to, you can find the magic page link either 'Here' or at the top of the page next to Home ^-^)

Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Series of Story Hijackings by My Family

Or alternatively; ‘Why You Should Never Leave Your Story Open On Your Computer When You Leave The Room’. But that one is a bit of a mouthful to have to say each time I refer to this post so… yeah, maybe not. Maybe next time.

In this case, it’s mostly my dad and younger sister doing the hijacking. I leave my desk to get something (or just take a break and face-plant into the couch) and whether it’s less than half an hour or more; I usually find a small addition to whatever word document I left open, and whoever left said addition to the story, nowhere in sight. 

I must admit that sometimes it takes me a little bit to actually notice (so far my record is 10 minutes-- but only because I had multiple documents open at the same time), but once I do, I either laugh, cringe, laugh and cringe or just wander off to resume face-planting into the couch. (After minimizing the document, of course.)

So anyway, below are the lovely additions:

Me: *squints at document* ....Pretty sure I didn't write tha-- Hm, nope. *shrugs and fixes it up (after taking a screenshot and asking who did it) so it was back to the way I had left it*

Me: *leaves desk YET again with story document still up, because who would do the same thing twice after being found out?*

Dad would.

....In hindsight, I should've totally seen it coming.

(Fast forward a few days!)

-Once again, by Dad.
By that time, I had finally learnt not to leave it open (although I was quite amused with each one). A few months (or something, I dunno... It was a while, okay? :P) went past, I pretty much forgot all about why I shouldn't leave open documents unattended and April arrived with the lovely Camp Nanowrimo.

Then this one happened (completely unprompted and unknown by the writer that she was following in the footsteps of the master story hijacker-- AKA Dad.)

-Jasmine "helping me reach my word goal"...Sure sis. Sure xD

Ahhh, family.

You gotta love 'em.