Thursday, April 12, 2018

Blog Hiatus // Haha, I don't know what I'm doing. Halp.

Ergh, I never wanted to do one of these 'hiatus' things for my blog... I'm more of a person who really tries to power through something (providing it's actually something I like doing xP) and pretend everything is fine* before I throw in the towel**.

(*All is indeed fine, by the way.)

(**Usually by flopping on the nearest couch or just hiding somewhere.)

...But I really need a break.

At this current point in life, it's been kinda difficult trying to get everything I need to get done before I can start studying... Plus! Trying to balance my time spent with art and writing/planning my WIPs has been nothing short of a massive headache. (Not playing favourites is a tricky business...) So yeah, that's been fun.

This isn't something I'm very proud of, but I'm also really good at procrastinating... Heck, I even procrastinated on this specific post for weeks. :P (*cough* 'Cos I didn't want to do it, mostly. *cough*) So I also need to work on fixing that.

I'm not certain if this will effect me reading people's posts and commenting on them?? (I'M ALREADY TERRIBLE AT THAT, SORRY.) But I'll try my best to keep up.

Basically, my point is that I'm not quite sure what I'm doing at the moment and how I'm supposed to be doing it, and so I thought I should probably let you guys know that I'm not exactly sure how long this hiatus will take.

Best case scenario, it'll only take a month or so before I stumble back in with absolutely no plans. Just like normal!

In the meantime, I'm off to try and reach my word goal for Camp Nano, and then maybe I can FINALLY get some things done.

Too long, didn't read:
  • I don't kow/I'm not certain/ I'm not really sure + way more varieties.
  • Hiatus???
  • Personal flaws
  • Need to study
  • Probably won't study as much as I actually need to
  • Cos demanding hobbies and projects that I like way better exist
  • This post is a trainwreck
  • Camp Nano is going great 
  • Gif

Anyway! Please note that I have used sarcasm quite a bit in this post, so if stuff seems to "look bad" for me right now, just know I still have my sense of humour. *thumbs up*

Sense of Humour = Totally Fine

Until next time! Whenever that is...


  1. I totally understand!! I'll still see you in the Fellowship, but in the meantime, good luck with Camp!


    1. Thank you! And yes you shall ^-^
      Good luck to you as well :D

    2. I hope you have a good break...Also FELLOWSHIP OF THE KEYBOARDS FOREVER!

  2. HAVE A GOOD BREAK!!! I think I literally just missed you too...:-( </3
    I hope Camp Nano was awesome for you!!!

  3. Aw, I gonna miss you! But I understand; I hope to see you soon!