Monday, March 26, 2018

January-February Art Dump!

Shush-- I know it's actually March now... I just happened to draw half of these in the January-February time period. xP

Depending on when I actually manage to publish this, I might even throw in some artwork from this month! (If I get around to it, that is...)

(P.S- A reply letter to my 'Younger Self': Eheh... well. Okay then. These are my 'trying to keep sane' drawings then. xP)

(P.P.S- A letter to my 'Older Self'- Gosh, it's getting weird talking to myself. Also, you need to practice legs, and I dunno... MAYBE HANDS?? Just a thought.)

I downloaded some new free brushes for Krita, and I really wanted to try them out with colouring. ^-^

Can't say I'm completely happy with the outcome of this speedpaint thingo ('cos it's still a little rough and sketchy in my opinion) but oh well... xP I still like the water. 

Click to enlarge :P

Person one: "Oooh look! A magic wand thingy." 

Person two: "Oh sweet, what does it do?" 

Person one: "I dunno-- Mebbe if I just wave it around like so... OH MY FLIPPIN' GOLDEN MAPLE SYRUP PANCAKES, THAT'S PRETTY." 



I don't know how else to explain this xP

A forest fairy with green hair, because why not. xD

Pink hair and a fancy dress... Maybe a Wedding dress? I dunno. *shrugs* 

The result of a spur-of-the-moment-sit-down-and-draw moment. Pretty happy with it. ^-^

I decided to call her 'Red Willow'. Dunno why, considering there are blossoms behind her. I just randomly thought of it when I was drawing this, and it's kinda stuck now-- halp. 

Fun fact: I drew this when I was indeed sleep deprived... hences the scribble-y-ness of the drawing xD

So yee, that's all the arty stuff I have this round... Dunno for sure if this is my longest art post or not, but I think it might be xD

Anywho I think I'll sign off for now... See ya! 



  1. Ooh yaaaas. *happy bounce* Allll the drawings. ^-^ I love them all. :D

  2. Sarah!!! These are so prettttyyyyy.

    I love that city night one A LOT. And that color explosion one too. And I almost gasped when I saw that wedding one. Who am I kidding....I love them all.


  3. I these drawings are beautiful, Sarah!:) I love the magic wand one, the forest fairy, and the first drawing.