Sunday, July 31, 2016

The 'Of Rising Author's' Tag and A Random Snippety Bit

AHAHAHAHAHA.. Ha... Ha... *dead*

Yikes. I gotta admit I didn't think I'd get this out with Camp Nanowrimo demanding most of my free time, but here we are! Just in time to kick out this blog post before the month's up it seems...

Ze Rules...
Thank the random who tagged you. 

Do the post.

Answer the questions.

Tag other randoms

Give 'em another 11 questions

Write a short story (hahaha no) or do the 777 challenge thing instead just to break the rules.

*Raises wine glass of apple juice and tips hat* Cheers Jane :P

Ze Questions...

Are you a planner/plotter or a pantser? (if you don't know what that means, google it)

Ooh, I've read about those somewhere! Err, I think I'm a bit of a plotter to be honest... It's nice to have a plan (even if I don't stick to it all the time)... otherwise I just get stuck and uninspired very easily.

Do you write from beginning to end or are you okay with jumping around to wherever you feel inspired to write?

Weeeeeeell, I used to be like 'NO, I MUST DO EVERYTHING IN ORDER' and I'd just keep everything in my head until I got to that part and managed to write it down, or I had completely forgotten about it.

But now, since Camp Nanowrimo, (yeah, I'm like a veteran now) I'm more like, 'Hahahaha, where'd this come from? (As I stare at a scene most likely from the middle of my story when I haven't even written the beginning) Oh well, I'll leave it in anyway.'

...I figure I can just use the magical line-breaks to separate random story parts from each other.

Do you like writing cliffhangers?

Um.. The thing is, I don't think I really have done enough cliffhangers (I've probably only ever written two and both were completely accidental) to actually be able to distinguish if I like them or not...

So... Maybe?

Are plot twists spontaneous for you, or do the require much deep thought?

Spontaneous.. Yup, definitely spontaneous.

For some weird reason, they always seem to happen when I'm in the car or five or ten seconds away from falling asleep... Basically anywhere I don't have a notebook handy.

Must the first draft be perfect and reread a thousand times, or do you just skim through it?

I wouldn't know... I've never completed a first draft. (Yet!)

How many words is a good writing day for you?

Well, two days ago I somehow managed about 1,037 words... But that was mostly because I was stressing about reaching my goal in time... So... I guess that doesn't really count.

Hmm, I'd say 400-500 words (of non-editing other parts of the story) would have to be what I consider to be a good day... Any higher than that would be a great day xD

When and where do new story ideas come upon you most frequently?

Most frequently? Pinterest, probably... Or I dunno, when I'm about to fall asleep. It depends :D

D'you prefer writing with epic soundtracks/music or without? 

Definitely with soundtracks!  

Is there a specific person who helps you brainstorm ideas?

Yesh :D Three specific persons actually... And no, I won't say who unless I am given chocolate :P

Do you have someone to tell all the spoilers to before they make you explode with excitement?

Yesh again :D (What? The question never asked me who exactly...)

What is your favourite part of the writing process? 

Oooooh, tough one! Um.... Probably the planning? I dunno, story-boarding (on pinterest) is also really quite fun :D

A'right, a'right... Time for the part I've been dreading... Because I'm too lazy to write a short story I'm just going to break the rules and do the 777 thing-o (like Jane suggested) with my WIP 'Guardian Angel'.

Yeah... Hopefully we won't end up on something utterly stupid.


~A Random Snippety Bit Start~

'Yeah… Nice try kid, but I don't think so,' the big guy smirked. 'You aren't getting out of this one alive.'

Haha. He jinxed it. I felt a sudden surge of confidence rush through me out of nowhere, and I stepped forward into the dim lighting of the alleyway before I even had a chance to get a proper plan together.

'Hey, you lot!' Dammit. Too late to turn back now.

All three turned to face me, and it was obvious by the look on their faces, they had never expected a young teenage girl in hoodie to rock up to their little party, carrying a baseball bat over her shoulder.

I glared at them, doing my best to look at least somewhat frightening. 'Just what do you think you're doing?'
~A Random Snippety Bit Finish~

*Cringes* Well, there you have it folks. That's that done. (Sorry if the story snippet made no sense :P)

Hmm... *scrolls up to check rules* Well, I can't think of any other Author-people that haven't done this tag already so...Therefore I shall tag whoever stumbles across this post and wants to try it!

Your 11 questions, should you choose to accept this mission, are:

What type of music do you like to listen to while brainstorming ideas? (If you do listen to music while writing, that is.)

What's your favourite genre to write with? 

How do you survive writer's block?

Do you set a specific time for writing? Or do you just write whenever you get inspired?

Do you sometimes watch movies and TV shows for the character and plot development research alone? (Books count too)

Tell me something interesting about your OCs? (Original Characters)

If you lost all ability to read and write for the day, what would you do?

Do you like story-boarding?

Who/what is your greatest writing influence?

Notebooks or Computer?

What's your favourite writing food/incentive?

Phew. That's done... Hope ye have fun :D

Well... It seems the time has come for me to bid ye all a fond farewell.

So... Bye!


  1. Congrats for reaching your word count goal for the month! And that snippet sounds quite interesting.. how in the world is she going to get out of that situation, you got me interested with that! I like your answers.

    1. *Bows* Thank ye and thank ye :D I gotta admit that I think July's been the most productive month for me this year xD (Terrible, I know :P)

  2. Ooh, that snippet was really cool Sarah! Loved it. Totally makes me want to read more. :)

  3. Love it Slis!! Can't wait for your post for this month!! -Ral

    1. Aw, thank ye Ral!

      (P.S Consider yourself tagged ;D (If you want to do it :))