Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Broken Bow

The Broken Bow

Now I should have been more careful- I know, I know.
One lesson and two practices; that’s all it had taken.
There was no warning at all, not even a slight crack,
It happened so suddenly I was taken aback!

So shocked was I;
To see it was now completely snapped,
I noted sadly to pay closer attention next go,
For I had just gone and broken my brand new bow.

T’was a good thing I had kept my old, warped bow.
Putting aside my shock and surprise,
I feigned indifference and shrugged it away.
Nothing I could do about it, at least I would still be able to play.

But forever I will regret the day I snapped my new violin bow.


  1. Very sad...I guessed it wasn't about a bow-and-arrows kind of bow, because I know what happens when the string of a bow snaps (I've done that with a homemade bow) and that's much more impressive than being 'taken aback' and 'so shocked'. So presumably, if the actual body of the bow snapped it would be pretty memorable.
    Plus, your conversation with Clare on Sunday kinda hinted that it wasn't what would be expected. :)