Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Fantasy World Anthem

“Come and Join Us” –By Fanvedhil


Verse 1: Over the Ocean, Across the Sky,
There is a place, of Safety and Refuge.
Over Green Pastures, Over Blue Lakes,
There is a Kingdom of Beauty and Love.

Chorus: Come and join us, Come to our Sanctuary,
Under the Malich and Kolici stars.
Come on, come and dance,
 It’s a day to celebrate,
Come and join us now!

Verse 2: Come to Eshyad, a place of Peace
Where the Kingdoms, became one and the,
People became Stronger!


Verse 3: The soil is rich, the animals fat.
There is no hate, suffering or hunger.
There is only Peace, Love and Kindness!
Come to Eshyad..


End: Come to Eshyad... x2


  1. How do you pronounce Eshyad? Is it just how it looks?
    I found a good article in a case magazine (No 16), that might better explain what I was trying to say last night about fantasy stuff. (Ill bring it Sunday)

  2. Do you not think that giving a imaginary place an anthem is taking it a little to far? (Regardless of what you say, I do :P)